Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr Hugh Metcalf

Senior Lecturer


Research Interests

My academic research is in the following areas:

A) Applied welfare economics, centering on the use of surveys and experimental situations to understand how individuals make decisions affecting their economic welfare.

Key interests: Safety Economics, Health Economics.

B) International trade and exchange rate economics.

Key interests: Integration; Exchange rate determination.

c) Applied Financial Economics. 

Postgraduate Supervision

I currently supervise students in the following areas:

Non-Market goods valuation


Grants Received

With Mike Jones-Lee, Sue Chilton, Graham Loomes.
£345,000 – Dept of Environment, Transport and the Regions – Valuing health
benefits from reductions in air pollution 2001-2004
£197,000 – Health and Safety Executive - Valuation of Health and Safety Benefits – Dread Risks 2002-2004
With Mike Jones-Lee, Sue Chilton,
£2,500 – Environment Agency - Pre-pilot study to estimate monetary value of reducing risk of a major accident to the environment 2004
With Mike Jones-Lee, Sue Chilton, Cam Donaldson, John Wildman, Phil Shackley.
£424,832 – National Coordinating Centre for Research Methodology and National Institute for Clinical Excellence – Societal Value of a Quality Adjusted Life Year 2005 - 2007
£9,092 – National Coordinating Centre for Research Methodology, NHS Research and
Development Programme - Protocol-writing grant on ‘The societal value of a
QALY: a survey of the public in England and Wales’. 2004
With Sue Chilton
£20,000 – ESRC - Tilting at Windmills? The Attitude-Behaviour Gap in Renewable Energy Conflicts (plus J Benson of CURDS, and others). 2004
£34,000 – European Commission - New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability Experimental Investigation of Valuation Mechanisms ( plus French, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Swiss partners) 2005-2006



Undergraduate Teaching

International Economics

Financial Economics