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Professor Iain Munro

Prof of Leadership & Org Change


Iain is Professor of Leadership and Organization at Newcastle Business School. He has previously worked at the universities of Warwick (1994-2000), St Andrews (2000-2009), and Innsbruck (2009-2013). He has diverse research interests and has published articles in Organization StudiesHuman Relations, Organization, the Journal of the Operational Research Society and the Journal of Business Ethics. He has written a monograph on "Information Warfare in Business: Strategies of Control and Resistance".  

Editorial Positions:

  • Editorial board member of Human Relations
  • Editorial board member of Organization Studies.
  • Associate Editor of Organization  

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Iain is engaged in three key areas of research:

Foucauldian Organization Studies:

His primary research interests concern the application of Michel Foucault's concepts and methods to the process of organization. This  approach to organizational research has been applied in a variety of fields, including mental heath care and 'the care of the self’, network organizations, and modern forms of HRM. Most recently Iain has mapped out the Foucault’s conception of biopolitical systems of governance in terms of modern techniques of management.

Information Warfare in Business:

He has written a research monograph on Information Warfare in Business (Routledge, 2005, 2007 paperback edition) that develops the idea that information is not simply a tool but is increasingly being used as a weapon and as an object of attack. This draws upon a range of social theories in order to map out the ways in which information is becoming weaponised including as a part of a ‘nomadic war machine’, as an attack on our potentiality for being, and as a strategy for achieving hegemony. He is currently investigating the effects of new techniques of information warfare associated with the WikiLeaks network, hacktivism and whistleblowing.

Ethics, Literature and Other Themes in OS:

Iain is interested in a wide variety of research areas within organization studies and is engaged in projects concerning health care, business ethics, the use of literature in organization theory, social movement organization theory, animals in organizations, and the design of organizational spaces and territories. These diverse themes are united by a concern for organization as an immanent process and a focus on those forces that are constantly escaping attempts to organize them.





BUS3054 Strategy, Organizations & Society

BUS3347 Strategy, Organizations & Society (Study Abroad Sem 1)

BUS3017 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

BUS3062 Corporate Communications and Social Media

NBS8556 Core Readings in Management and Business Studies