Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr Doris Xin

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance



Prior to joining NUBS in September 2015, Dr Xin undertook a PhD, MSc in Accounting and Finance at Durham University. In her PhD study, she got the 'Certificate in Learning and Teaching', Durham University in 2011, and 'HEA Certificate of Fellowship' in 2013. Dr Xin is also a CFA candidate, in pursuing academic expertise in Accounting and Finance relevant fields. 

Dr Xin has extensive experience in teaching at postgraduate (MSc, MA), and undergraduate levels and have consistently obtained high students' evaluation for her dedication to high quality teaching.  

Her research interests are mainly on accounting disclosures, with a primary focus on narrative disclosure characteristics, the measurement, determinants and financial consequences of voluntary and mandatory disclosures. She also researches on behaviour finance, analysts' earnings forecast, managerial overconfidence, etc. She has working papers which have been submitted or are pending submission to journals such as British Accounting Review, Accounting and Business Research.



Research Areas

  • corporate voluntary disclosures (quantitative and qualitative)
  • risk assessment
  • earnings forecast and earnings quality
  • corporate internal control and governance issues
  • investor recognition and stock issue
  • managerial overconfidence
  • behaviour finance


Current teaching:

  • ACC2003 'Financial Control' (Module leader)  all lectures and some seminars
  • NBS8224 'Performance and Decision Management' (Module leader) all lectures
  • NBS8225 'Performance and Decision Management' (Module leader) all lectures

Previous teaching:

  • Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Management Accounting and Cost Control


  • Xin JY, Liu P, Hussain S. Disclosure Characteristics and Investors' Risk Perception. 2018. In Preparation.
  • Guo M, Liu J, Qian H, Xin JY. Managerial Overconfidence and M&A Performance: Evidence from China. International Journal of Banking Accounting and Finance 2018. In Press.
  • Xin JY, Guo J, Sheng X. Investor Recognition and Secondary Offering: A Cross Country Study. 2017. In Preparation.
  • Xin JY, Hussain S, Salama A, Dixon R. Risk disclosure narratives in UK annual reports and their utility to financial analysts. 2016. In Preparation.
  • Xin JY, Hussain S, Salama A, Dixon R. Forward-looking Risk Disclosures by UK firms: A Multi-equation Analysis. 2015. In Preparation.