Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr Jo McBride

Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations, Work and Employment


Jo joined the school in September 2013 from Bradford University School of Management where she worked from 2004.  Prior to that, she was a lecturer at Northumbria University. Research interests include industrial relations issues with a current focus on low paid workers and the unskilled.  She is also interested in more sociological themes around work such as the value of work and the meaning of work.

Jo is currently President of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA).


Jo is currently working on a project with Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio at Manchester University Business school on a project focusing on the "Symbolic Value of low skilled work".  She is also working with Dr Andrew Smith at Bradford University on a project entitled 'The Forgotten Workers: Low-paid Workers in Multiple Employment'. The focus of this project is specifically on workers in multiple forms of employment who are paid below the real living wage. The team are exploring the experiences and realities of multiple employment, together with the challenges of attempting to achieve work-life balance. We are working with trade unions, employers, community groups and third sector organisations.

Jo has 2 phd students currently in supervision:

  • Judith Watson at Newcastle University Business School - 'Employee Voice in an Employee Owned Enterprise: A case study of VivoCo'  (with Stewart Johnstone)
  • Helen Rice at Newcastle University Open Lab - Creating self tracking technology to support home care workers. (with Patrick Olivier and Robert Cromer) 

Jo's previous Phd Students are:

  • Andreas Chronopoulos at Bradford University School of Management and Law - 'Working from Home in the Clinical Trials Sector: A Case Study of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) in the UK'  (with Peter Prowse) Achieved with no corrections in December 2016

  • Rebecca Enuoh at Bradford University School of Management and Law - 'Multinational Oil Companies, CSR and Local Communities in the Niger Delta: Exploring Relations, Contracts and Responsibilities'.  (with Hugh Lee) Achieved in January 2017


Jo is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  She has taught at postgraduate and undergraduate level on modules relating to the sociology of work, employee relations, European Employee Relations, HRM and Research Methods.

She is the Degree Programme Director for the MA Employee Relations programme at NUBS and the Module Leader for Managing International Employment Relations.