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Dr Josephine Go Jefferies

Lecturer in Marketing



I joined Newcastle University in October 2016 in my first academic post as a Lecturer in Marketing after a diverse career in the private, public and Third Sectors. My research focuses on service innovation through increased participation in order to improve health and well-being. Participation can be through individual consumption (e.g. use of self-service and digital technologies) and cross-sector collaboration at the organisational level.

Acting Degree Programme Director for NN52 Marketing and Management (BSc Honours) 


  • 2019 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

  • 2016 PhD Business & Management (Pass without conditions) University of Nottingham

  • 2012 MRes Business & Management (Distinction) University of Nottingham

  • 2009 MBA Corporate Social Responsibility (Distinction) University of Nottingham

  • 2001 MA Criticism & Theory (Merit) University of Exeter

  • 2000 BA (Hons) English Studies (2:1) University of Exeter

Awards & Grants

  • 2020 NUBS Internationalisation Funding (£2150) to present my research at seminars at University of Melbourne and Monash University
  • 2019 Nominated for The Education Awards in the Contribution to Student Employability Category
  • 2016 Loughborough University Centre for Services Management Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper Award (£50)
  • 2015 ESRC Writing Competition - Highly Commended (£500)
  • 2015 University Endowed Award (Dean Moore Postgraduate Prize) for outstanding 3rd year PhD student (£120)
  • 2015  Association for Consumer Research Transformative Consumer Research Travel Grant (USD 800)
  • 2015 Doctoral Training Centre Researcher-Led Interdisciplinary Collaboration Project Award (£1500) 'Seeding a Seed' an interdisciplinary research project on antimicrobial resistance
  • 2015 University of Nottingham Competitive Graduate School Travel Prize (£600)
  • 2014 Interdisciplinary Summer School: Social Sciences Meet Health Care - Inclusive Health Care Innovation (Guest of Technische Universität Dresden & Germany's Excellence Initiative including €250 travel bursary)
  • 2013 Foundation for Sociology of Health & Illness International Conference Travel Award (£600)
  • 2013 UK Primary Care Research Network National Portfolio (PhD study adopted)
  • 2011-2015 ESRC DTC 1 3 MRes and PhD Business & Management Studentship (£76,000)
  • 2009 Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) Association of MBAs & The Independent's 'MBA Student of the Year'
  • 2008 International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility MBA Scholarship (£31,000)
  • 2006 UFI Ltd Business Challenge Award (eLearning Best Commercial Solution)
  • 2001 AHRB British Academy Scholarship for MA Criticism & Theory (£10,000)

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Visiting researcher (Karlstad University Center for Service Research)
  • NUBS Marketing: Consumers, Communications and Services Research Community
  • Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE)
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Academy of Management
  • ACR Transformative Consumer Research
  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • European Sociological Association
  • NUBS Early Career Researcher Writing Club (Co-founder)


  • Journal of Service Research
  • Journal of Services Marketing
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
  • Journal of Marketing Management
  • Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  • Marketing Theory
  • Public Administration Review
  • Public Management Review
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An international journal
  • European Journal of Marketing
  • Policy Sciences
  • ACR Conference
  • CCT Conference
  • Academy of Marketing Conference
  • Administrative Sciences

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ORCID: Click here. 


My research programme focuses on service and social innovation, especially in the contexts of digital healthcare and cross-sector collaboration for public service provision. 

I am interested in supervising PhD students in the areas of

  • Service Marketing
  • Self-Service Technologies
  • Transformative Service Research
  • Service-dominant logic
  • Telehealth & Digital Healthcare Services
  • Patient Experience 
  • Critical Realism
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Antimicrobial resistance stewardship
  • Cross-Sector Social Partnerships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Current PhD Students 

  • Saadet Meltem Hut: Roles and food choice: why time and strain may affect food well-being (Goldman PhD Scholarship)
  • Alex Bowyer: Empowering people through data interaction (EPSRC Digital Civics PhD Scholarship)

Research Projects

2018 Innovate UK: ICURe Cohort 14, 'Organ Perfusion' (Co-Investigator)

2017 Collaborating for Emergency Medical Services (Co-Investigator)

2017 NHS Innovation Project Evaluation for North East Commissioning Support (NECS) (Co-Investigator)

2017 Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Newcastle - Market Research for a Sepsis POCT (Consultant)

2013-2016 Nottingham City (NHS) CCG and CityCare Partnership - Patient Experience Evaluation (Principal Investigator)

2015 NNZ (UK) Ltd - Strategic marketing report for fresh produce net packaging multinational (with Dr Anastasios Pagiaslis)

2015 Hexagon Consultants (Ecuador) - Recommendations Report: Design Criteria for Multi-Sector Collaborations for the Social Good (with Dr May Seitanidi)

2013-2015 Kent Business School - Emergency Medical Services: partnerships with the voluntary sector (with Dr May Seitanidi)

2011-2012 Nottingham University Business School / ICCSR: EU FP7 Work Programme 3: 'CSR Impact' - Case studies of impact from two leading UK supermarkets' Corporate Social Responsibility Agendas  

2010-2011 NHS East Midlands Regional Innovation Fund Project. 'A framework for evidence-based decision-making': social marketing and prevention of childhood overweight and obesity using the National Chlldhood Measurement Programme Data and Experian's 'MOSAIC' geodemographic analysis. Research partners: East Midlands CLAHRC, Experian, NHS, Nottingham University Business School.

2009-2010 UK Sustainable Investment & Finance (UKSIF) Green Paper on 'Barriers to Growth of Innovative Pro-Development Financial Products'. National Ethical Investment Week Roundtable Discussion.

Research Grant Proposals

2019 Trans-Atlantic Platform for Social Innovation (Co-I) - unsuccessful

2018 Leverhulme/British Academy Small Research Grant (PI) - unsuccessful

2018 EPSRC Plastic Waste Reduction (Co-Investigator) - unsuccessful

2016 EPSRC Bridging the Gap Interdisciplinary Sandpit for Antimicrobial Resistance Research (Runner up for £20,000 prize)

2015 ESRC DTC Interdisciplinary Research Sandpit Event for Researcher-Led Initiatives on anti-microbial resistance from 5 disciplinary perspectives (awarded £1500)

2014 University of Nottingham’s Intention to Submit to EPSRC Themed Call: Anti-microbial Resistance. Draft proposal on Telehealth for AMR Stewardship accepted for inclusion to successful bid as an example of interdisciplinary research for pump-priming funding.

2014 ESRC Overseas Institute Visit application to take up invitation to collaborate with Professor of Marketing Alladi Venkatesh (University of California, Irvine) as Visiting Scholar on the role of consumer imagination in patient co-production of telehealth service outcomes (Unsuccessful funding application)

Conference Presentations

2020 'Digital Objectification' Go Jefferies, J., Hibbert, S., and Bishop, S. 6th Organizational Frontlines Research Symposium, American Marketing Association Winter Conference, San Diego, CA 12-16 Feb. 

2019 'Places of consumer activism: the affordances of everyday service systems' Go Jefferies, J., Bishop, S. and Hibbert, S. Academy of Marketing 2019 Conference Workshop. Regent's University London, 2-4 July.

2019 'Consumers on the Job: Coproduction Crafting in Expert Services', Spanjol, J., Nations, C., Anderson, L., Mende, M., Downey, H. Go Jefferies, J., Ostrom, A. QUIS 16, Karlstad, Sweden, 10-13 June. 

2019 Exploring E-TCR. Transformative Consumer Research Dialogical Conference, Florida State University, Tallahassee 19-22 May.

2018 'Institutional logics and the co-creation of value through self-service healthcare technology'. Go Jefferies, Bishop & Hibbert. Frontiers in Service Conference 2018, Austin, Texas, 5-9 September.

2018 'Design and Institutional Affordances: the co-creation of value in public services'. Go Jefferies & Bishop. 22nd Annual IRSPM Conference, Centre for Service Excellence, University of Edinburgh Business School. 

2018 'Extending the role of Institutional Design in Lean Collaborative Governance under extreme conditions: Emergency Medical Service Provision in the UK'. Seitanidi, Go Jefferies, Emmanouilidou & Palmer. 22nd Annual IRSPM Conference, Centre for Service Excellence, University of Edinburgh Business School. 

2017 ‘Institutional logics and the co-creation of value through self-service health care technology’. Go Jefferies, Hibbert & Bishop. Bringing Institutional Theory to Marketing. ISC Paris, 29-30 May.

2017 ACR Transformative Consumer Research Dialogical Conference. Transforming Patient Experience Track. Cornell University, 18-20 June.

2017 Newcastle University Open Lab: Lab Talks. ‘Telehealth Ninjas: A study of the mastery of technologies for chronic disease care’, 17 March.

2016  Invited Panellist, ‘Psychological and Social Determinants of Health in Healthcare Services’ (with Laurel Anderson, Per Skålén, Lars Witell, Ray Fisk, Daniele Mathras), ‘TSR Discourses in Well-being’, Special Session, SERVSIG International Research Conference, Maastricht University (17-19 June)

2016 Invited Speaker, British Sociology Association, East Midlands Medical Sociology Event, De Montfort University (4 April) ‘Telehealth Ninjas: A study of technology mastery for chronic disease care’.

2016 Centre for Services Management Doctoral Colloquium, Loughborough University, ‘Telehealth Ninjas: A study of technology mastery for chronic disease care’. Best Paper Award.

2015 Academy of Management 75th Annual Meeting – Health Care Management Division Paper, ‘Improving Health Outcomes: Applying the Socio-Technical Imaginary toward a Program Theory for Antimicrobial Resistance and Telehealth Agendas’ 

2015 Centre for Health Innovation Leadership & Learning, Nottingham, Research Seminar with Prof Ewan Ferlie, ‘Patient experience of telehealth for chronic disease self-management: applying a value co-creation framework’ 

2015 Prof Rod Brodie’s Workshop on Customer Engagement, ‘Patient experience of telehealth for chronic disease self-management: applying a value co-creation framework’ 

2015 ‘Can you be your own boss with DIY healthcare? The paradoxical perversion of empowerment in the provision of Innovative Healthcare Services’ (ACR Transformative Service Research Dialogical Conference) 

2014 ‘Exploring Patient Experience of Telehealth for Self-management of Chronic Disease: Applying a value co-creation framework’ (Technische Universität Dresden Interdisciplinary Summer School)

2014 Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership & Learning (CHILL) Brownbag Seminar, ‘Patient experience of telehealth for chronic disease self-management: applying a value co-creation framework’ 

2014 ‘Exploring Patient Experience of Telehealth for Self-management of Chronic Disease: Using Feminist Perspectives to Analyse Discursive Change in the Healthcare Servicescape’ (Association for Consumer Research Gender, Marketing & Consumer Behaviour, Helsinki)

2014 ‘An exploratory study of X-PERT Educators’ views of Diabetes Self-management and Structured Education’ (Health Services Research Network, Nottingham)

2014 (Go Jefferies & Helliwell), ‘Ways of improving health outcomes: Antimicrobial resistance and Telehealth Agendas’ (International Philosophy of Nursing Conference, Nottingham)

2014 ‘Patient experience of telehealth for chronic disease self-management: why a value co-creation framework?’ (Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium Nottingham) 

2013 ‘An exploratory study of healthcare professionals’ views of Diabetes Self-management and Structured Education: The role of context on professional agency and the spread of innovation’ (European Sociology Association, Turin, Italy)


  • MKT2008 - MKT2044 - MKT2045 Services Marketing
  • MKT3014 - MKT3100 New Service Development
  • MKT3006 Global Advertising and Brand Promotion
  • NBS8236 - NBS8946 Customer Relationship Management
  • UG and PG Dissertation Supervision

Student Feedback, Guidance and Consultation Hours:  Tuesdays  0900-1100 and 1600-1700

Students who wish to contact me for support can reach me via email in the first instance to arrange a meeting in person or via Skype

Mondays are my dedicated research days 

Examples of student feedback for MKT2044:


A lot of example ! really interesting

Interesting approach whereas not in depth analysis during seminar

This module was very interesting, especially as it is essentially based on study cases.

I strongly loved module leader lectures since thet was really interesting and easy to understand

The lecturers were interesting and engaging. I also appreciated the inclusion of a guest lecturer form XXX and his professional input.

Learning about services, which are present in our daily life. The teacher made the subject interesting because of real case examples and the seminars were participative.

I loved this subject area because the marketing I already had was focus on object only. Here, I've learned all the attributes regarding services. It inspired me for my final thesis.

This course gave me the envy to study more in details the marketing of services in my future studies. The lecturer was fascinating thanks to her experiences and her wish to teach us what she knows, in the best way she can.