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Dr Jytte Seested Nielsen

Reader in Economics


I am Reader in Economics. My main research area is economics of safety policy and risk and thus the fundamental issue of valuing (risks to) human life. In addition, my research focuses on methodological issues in stated preference techniques and how the use of economic experiments can contribute to the development of more robust methods for policy evaluation. 

I joined Newcastle University in September 2011, first as a Lecturer until 2014 and then as Senior Lecturer until 2020. Before coming to the UK, I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark (Institute of Public Health – The Research Unit of Health Economics) where I also completed my PhD in 2008.

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Project participation

Scoping study on the valuation of risks to life and health: the monetary value of a life year (VOLY) (2018- ongoing), funded by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department of Health and Social Care, Department for Transport, the Food Standards Agency, Food Standards Scotland, the Health and Safety Executive, and the Home Office

Three- generation household allocation. An experimental investigation (2017- ongoing). Funded by the Polish Research Council and carried out in collaboration with A. Bartczak, Warsaw University, S. Chilton, Newcastle University and R. McDonald, Birmingham University

Improving road safety – Developing a basis for socio-economic prioritising of road safety measures. Collaboration between Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. (2010-2014)

Valuing changes in physical risk (2010-2011). Funded by the Independent Danish Research Council (PI)

Establishing a European value of a QALY, EuroVaQ project (EU 6th framework). Coordinator; Cam Donaldson, Newcastle University (2007-2010)

EVA (Economic Valuation of Air pollution). Coordinator; Professor Mikael Skou Andersen, NERI, University of Aarhus (2002-2008)

New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability, NEEDS (EU 6th framework). Work Package leader; Prof. Brigitte Desaigues, Université Paris 1, France (2004-2008) 

Danish Centre of Excellence, AIRPOLIFE(Air Pollution in a Life Time Health Perspective). Funded from the Danish Strategic Research Council. Coordinator, Professor Steffen Loft, University of Copenhagen (2004-2008)

Valuing gains in life expectancy related to air pollution (2006-2007). Funded by Helsefonden, Denmark (PI) 




Undergraduate Teaching

ECO2013 - Economic Evaluation and Investment

ECO3005 - Behavioural economics and experimental methods

Previous teaching

ECO1001 - Economic Analysis

ECO2004 - Microeconomic Analysis

ECO2003 – Economic Modelling