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Staff Profile

Dr Lesley Pender

Director of MBA Programmes



My background is in marketing.  I have worked in the hotel and publishing sectors and as a Management Consultant.  My consultancy experience ranges from advising small retailer outlets on their strategy to preparing national tourism strategies.

I previously worked at both Northumbria University and Strathclyde University.  I have also worked with a number of overseas universities and have provided guest lectures and delivered modules in Hong Kong and at the University of Lille.  I have been involved in international student recruitment and the establishment of an international degree programme offered by three universities.


Roles and Responsibilities

Interim Director of MBA Programmes

Chair of Board of Examiners (MBA)


Previous Roles & Responsibilities


Admissions Tutor (Northumbria University)

Director of Honours Programmes (Strathclyde University)

Assistant Advisor of Studies (Strathclyde University)

Exam Board Chair (Strathclyde University)

Member of the School Management Team (Strathclyde University)

Member of Faculty Appeals Committee (Strathclyde)








Basic French




My research interests are predominantly in the travel trade and transport areas.

My PhD research examined the use of network strategies in the internationalisation of the airline industry.

I referee for highly rated international journals.

I have a developing interest in regional innovation strategies.


Current teaching includes:

NBS8236 Customer Relationship Management

NBS8026    Strategic Management

Previous teaching includes:

Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Airline Management, Research Methods, Relationship Marketing, Travel Trade and Transport, Marketing Research.


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