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Emeritus Professor Michael Jones-Lee

Emeritus Professor



Professor Jones-Lee has been an advisory group member to the World Health Organisation project on Health Costs Related to Air Pollution. He has similarly served on an equivalent Department of Health group in the UK. The European Commission ran a Working Group on the Economic Evaluation of Road Safety in 1997-1998 in which he participated.

In related work, the results of a HSE/DETR/Home Office/Treasury funded project, of which he was a Principal Investigator, led the DETR to revise upwards the monetary value of the prevention of a road fatality, the original value having been based on work that he directed in the 1980s. His experience in this field has recently led to him being called as an expert witness before the Cullen Inquiry into rail safety.

He and his colleagues have also been engaged in a project on the valuation of reductions of "dread" risks commissioned by the HSE and a project on the valuation of a QALY commissioned by NICE and NCCRM.

Professor Jones-Lee also co-directed research projects commissioned by London Underground Limited 1992-1994 and by Rail Safety Standards Board 2005-2007, aimed at determining values for the prevention of Underground and rail injuries.

In 2013, he and colleagues completed a project commissioned by the HSE on Latency, Dread and Cancer Risks.

Since 2018, Professor Jones-Lee has been an advisor on a "Scoping Study on the Valuation of Risks to Life and Health: the Monetary Value of a Life Year (VOLY)".The study is being carried out by a team from Newcastle University, Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Birmingham and was commissioned by a consortium of Government Departments including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; the Department of Health and Social Care; the Department for Transport; the Food Standards Agency; Food Standards Scotland; the Health and Safety Executive and the Home Office.     

In 2019, Professor Jones-Lee was selected to receive the SBCA Outstanding Achievement Award.  This award is made to honor individuals who make significant contributions to the field of benefit-cost analysis.


BEng Sheff

DPhil York


Research Interests

Welfare economics, individual choice under uncertainty, the economics of safety; Empirical investigation of attitudes to physical risk using sample surveys.