Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr Minh Nguyen

Lecturer in Finance


I am a Lecturer in Finance at Newcastle University Business School. I previously taught finance at University of Sheffield and have worked in corporate banking. I was a British Chevening Scholar in 2004. Currently, I am the Treasurer (Vice President) for Vietnam Finance Association International. 


  • PhD in Finance (Henley Business School, Reading)
  • MSc in International Finance (Leeds University)


My research interests include:

  • Liquidity risk in equity, bond and option markets
  • Impacts of high-frequency trading on market liquidity, volatility and asset prices
  • Linkages between margin requirements, repo trading and market liquidity
  • Funding liquidity 


I am currently leading the following modules at Newcastle:

  • NBS8333 Financial Derivatives (MSc)
  • NBS8336 Portfolio Management (MSc)


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