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Dr Natalia Yakovleva

Senior Lecturer in International Business Strategy, Programme Director for BSc (Hon) International Business Management (London Campus)


Natalia joined Newcastle University London as a Senior Lecturer in International Business Strategy in September 2015. Natalia has PhD in Environmental Studies, BSc in Economics and Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. After completing her PhD in 2002, Natalia worked as Research Associate at the Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society at Cardiff University (BRASS). Prior to Newcastle, Natalia worked as a Senior Lecturer in International Business at Surrey Business School (University of Surrey, Guildford) and as a Reader/Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development at Winchester Business School (University of Winchester). 

Natalia has published in international journals such as Journal of Business Ethics; Political Geography; Geoforum; International Journal of Production Research; Environment and Planning C. She authored a book on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Industries, Routledge, 2005.

Member of British Academy of Management, Academy of Management and Fellow of Higher Education Academy 

Member of editorial boards of journals: The Extractive Industries and Society (Elsevier) and Resources (open-access MPDI journal).

Natalia is an Associate Director of the Institute for Sustainability at Newcastle University since November 2017.

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Natalia specializes in research on sustainable and responsible business. She developed expertise in the field of corporate social responsibility and corporate-community relations, especially in the extractive industries. Natalia has conducted research on management of social and environmental implications of small- and large-scale mining in Argentina, Ghana and Russia. Natalia's past research project focused on leadership in UK SMEs transiting to sustainability practices. Her recent project examines innovation and sustainability in food supply chains in the UK.

Natalia contributes to the work of Resourcing Future Generations, an initiative of the International Union of Geological Sciences, that is concerned with adequate provision of mineral resources for future generations and governance of mineral resource development.

I would welcome research collaborations and supervision of PhD students under the following themes:

- Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and business strategy

- sustainable business and innovation for sustainability

- sustainability measurement in supply chains (e.g. food, minerals and natural resources)

- corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting in international busines (e.g. MNEs and mining)

- extractive industries and community/indigenous peoples relations

- international business, FDI in emerging markets

PhD students:

- Tom Drake "Rethinking stakeholder salience amplification towards marginalised stakeholder groups: The case pipeline industry and Aboriginal communities in Canada"

- Julian Riano "CSR in the construction industry"


LBS8045 International Business Environment  - PG module

LBU2034 Operations Management - 2nd year UG module (2016-17)

LBU1012 International Business and Management - 1st year UG module

LBU3055 Contemporary Issues in IBM - 3rd year UG module 

LBU3052 IBM Dissertation - 3rd year UG module


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