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Dr Jose Liu

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance


Personal Information:

Dr. Pei (Jose) Liu joined the faculty of Newcastle University Business School in 2015 as a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance. Prior to that, he has worked as a teaching assistant in Durham University and a research assistant in Bank of China (UK) Limited. Dr. Liu has international experience in teaching at postgraduate (MSc, MA), post-experience and undergraduate (BSc) levels. His research interests are in the areas of financial economics and macroeconomics. Specifically, the focus of his research is on the links between macroeconomic activity and finance, and he also has interests on Financial Economics, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance,  Firms' Information Disclosure, and M&A. 



PhD in Finance, Durham University (2014)

MSc (Distinction) in International Banking and Finance, Durham University (2011)

BA (Hons) in Economics, Wuhan University (2009) 


Cert. in Learning & Teaching, Durham University (2011)

HEA Certificate of Fellowship (2013)

Research Fellow in Bank of China (London) (2015)

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Research Interests:

- Links between macroeconomic activity and finance;

- Firm behavior under imperfect capital markets;

- Economics of transition in China;

- Innovation activities and ownership structure;

- Corporate Strategy and information disclosure;

- Mergers and acquisitions.

- Other corporate finance and behavioral finance topics.

Research Supervision:

- I am happy to supervise PhD students in the above areas as well as in the broad area of accounting/finance/economics. Please contact me for further discussion.

- Behavioral Finance among Chinese Investors (2nd Year PhD candidate Mr Dun Han)

- Managerial Traits and Investment Efficiency (1st Year PhD candidate Miss Jiaxin Liu)

- Liquidity in the Equity Option Market (3rd Year PhD candidate Miss Min Deng)

Research Projects:

- RMB internationalisation, Oversea Investment and Financial Risk Management. (Joint UK and Chinese project, supported by The ESRC and the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Newton Fund, submitted and under review) 

- Information Disclosure and Firm risk taking (with Dr Doris Xin from Newcastle University)

- P2P Lending in the US Secondary Market (with Prof Ke Tang from Tsinghua University)

Research Grants:

- 2017: HEFCE Newton Fund (£7,700) on “Uncovered Equity ‘Disparity’ in Emerging Markets” (CI, with Yan C, Durham University).

- 2018: The Research Simulation Funding of Sheffield University Management School “Brexit and Market attention” (£5,270, CI, with Yang J, Sheffield University)

- 2019 (submitted): The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars “Accounting conservatism and OFDI” (CI, with Xiao L, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)

Research Visiting:

- Visiting Scholar in Tsinghua University (China) (Sep 2019 - Now)

Refereeing activities:

European Journal of Finance; Economic Modelling; International Journal of Accounting and Business Finance; Emerging Market Finance and Trade; Quantitative Finance

Other Activities:

- PhD Viva Internal Examiner

- PhD Viva Independent Chair


Current teaching covers:

- ACC2002 Managerial and Business Economics (A&F Undergraduates)

- NBS8332 Financial Theory (Eco MSc)

- NBS8005 Corporate Strategy and Valuation (A&F MSc)

- NBS8020 Dissertation (Eco MSc)

- NBS8223 Dissertation (A&F MSc)

Previous teaching included:

- Econometrics

- Research Methods

- Banking and Finance

- Financial Economics

- Basic Economics and Accounting

- Financial Modelling and Business Forecasting

- Dissertation Consultation


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  • Ren B, Guo H, Shi F, Cheng H-C, Liu H, Liu J, Shen Z-H, Shi Y-L, Liu P. A theoretical and experimental evaluation of III–nitride solar-blind UV photocathode. Chinese Physics B 2017, 26(8), 088504.
  • Liu P, Shi S, Xin J. Digital Economy Era: The Role of Telecommunications Sector in Frequency-Dependent Default Risk Connectedness. Quantitative Finance 2019. In Press.
  • Liu P, Shi Y, Zhao Y. Diversification Benefits of Alternative Investments: A Markov Regime Switching Regular Vine Copula Method. European Journal of Finance 2019. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Peng Y, Yang J, Shi Y. Optimal Financial Structures, International Country Risk, and Economic Development. Journal of Comparative Economics 2019. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Liu B. To what extent does audit quality affect diversified operation in Chinese commercial banks?. Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics 2019. Submitted.
  • Liu P, Black E, Balampekos S, Guo J. Going for Gold: An Olympic Investment. 2015. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Guariglia A, Guo J. Innovation Activities and Ownership Structure. 2015. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Guariglia A, Guo J. To What Extent Do Herding Behavior Affect Firms' Innovation Activities? Evidence from China. 2015. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Liu B. The Dark Side of Earnings Transparency: Evidence from stock price crash risk in Chinese financial institutions. 2019. In Preparation.
  • Liu P, Xin J. Words That Matter: Voluntary Disclosure Characteristics and Investor Risk Perception. 2019. In Preparation.