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Dr Raffaele Filieri

Senior Lecturer in Marketing


Dr. Raffaele Filieri is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and member of the Service Research Group at Newcastle University. Prior to joining this position, Raffaele has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Northumbria University. dr. Filieri has also convered positions at 'Kemmy Business School', Department of Marketing and Management, University of Limerick',  at La Sapienza' Università di Roma and at Università del Salento in Italy. Raffaele owns a PhD in Business Engineering (Complexity Science) from Universita' Roma Tre.

dr. Filieri has work experience in the private sector, where he has worked as instructor, consultant and business analyst for SMEs and multinational companies.

Raffaele’s main research interests include: electronic word of mouth; social media marketinge-tourism; strategic marketing/managementknowledge management; technology adoption and continuance intention; and online consumer co-creation (see the research page for more details).

Dr. Filieri’s actual publications include academic articles in peer reviewed journals such as: Annals of Tourism ResearchJournal of Business Research; Tourism Management; Journal of Travel Research; Industrial Marketing Management; Transportation Research Part E; Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering; Journal of Knowledge Management; International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management; Marketing Intelligence & Planning; International Journal of Agile Systems and Management; Journal of Business Strategy; Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice. Google scholar citations available by clicking here

Raffaele has co-authored a book for Palgrave Macmillan with dr. Bidit Dey and dr. Karim Sorour the book ICTs in Developing Countries: Research, Practices and Policy Implicationsand also published book chapters (e.g. Outsourcing and Offshoring of Business Activities: Determinants, Implications and Challenges, Cambridge University Press), and has presented several papers in peer reviewed conferences (e.g., Emac, Academy of Marketing, Marketing Science).

Raffaele has received several awards for his research in social media (best paper award in the Consumer Research Track at Academy of Marketing 2014 in Bournemouth (Shilling in online reviews: An exploratory study on consumer attitude and behaviour with promotional reviews); best conference paper award (overall) at the Academy of Marketing Conference in Southampton (Understanding consumers adoption of e-WOM through information quality and product ranking).

His paper “e-WOM and accommodation: An analysis of the factors that influence travelers’ adoption of information from online reviews”, published in the Journal of Travel Research in 2014 is the most read article since March 2015 (24 February, 2016,

Contact Details

Telephone: 0191 208 1705
LinkedIn: Raffaele Filieri
Twitter: @raffaelefilieri



dr. Filieri is a versatile researcher and his research crosses disparate disciplines such as marketing, management, tourism, organization studies, innovation, and information systems.      

Raffaele’s main research interests include:

·        Digital & Social Media Marketing (electronic word of mouth, online consumer reviews, user-generated content, word of mouth, consumer opinions, negative word of mouth, website quality, website usability, online trust, reviews manipulation, website loyalty, consumer behaviour in online settings...); 

·        e-Commerce;   

·        e-Tourism (travel and tourism reviews, travel blogs, online booking, electronic ticketing, airlines, hotels, accommodation, destinations, Tripadvisor);

·        Determinants of New Technology Adoption and Continuance Intention in developed and developing countries; 

·        Social Capital Theory and its application in business (structural social capital, network size, network closure, network density, cohesiveness, structural holes, in-beteweenness centrality, brokering ties, bridging ties, social networks, relational social capital, cognitive social capital)

·        Knowledge Management (Knowledge reuse, knowledge retrieval, knowledge management systems, knowledge Sharing/Transfer, inter-organizational knowledge flows)  

·        Innovation (online consumer co-creation, product inovation, process innovation)  


- Saleh Bazi 

- Hao Du

- Wenjin Huo 

- Jingyu Zhu

- Tima Rebai 

- Nuzhat Nuery 

Xiaojun Liu 


dr. Filieri supervises PhD candidates in the area mentioned above and with a particular interest in digital and social media marketing, e-commerce, technology adoption and continuance intention. For any information, please do not hesitate to contact me at:



I have got teaching experience in four different countries (UK, France, Italy, rep. of Ireland). I hold a PG Certificate in Higher Education Practice (PG Cert. HEP) (Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience and 'Developing Research and Innovation) and I am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


  • International Brand Management (Master Level) 
  • Strategic Marketing (UG)


  At Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France (2015)

  • Digital Marketing (Master Level)
  • International Brand Management

  At Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK (2011-2016)

  • Marketing Communications,
  • Global Marketing Communications,
  • Consumer Behaviour,
  • Strategic Marketing,
  • Business Processes and Systems,
  • Business Performance Management,
  • Advertising Management,
  • Travel and Tourism modules.

At Kemmy Business School, Department of Marketing & Management, University of Limerick, Ireland (2009-2011)

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 
  • Management, 
  • Marketing Principles, 
  • Marketing Management, 
  • Marketing Intelligence, 
  • Applied Marketing, 
  • Marketing Communications, 
  • Consumption and Consumer Behaviour

  At La Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy (2005-2009)

  • Marketing,
  • Tourism Marketing, 
  • Sociology and Marketing of territories, 
  • Sustainable Marketing and Environmental Communication