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Dr Rama Kanungo

Lecturer in Finance, Degree Programme Director of MSc Banking & Finance Programme, Senior Tutor


Dr. Kanungo is a Lecturer in Finance at Newcastle University London and Degree Programme Director of MSc Banking and Finance Programme. Rama also carries the responsibility of Senior Tutor for all the programmes at London campus. He is a member of Finance, Accounting, Control & Evaluation (FACE) and Applied Econometrics (AE) group at Newcastle University Business School. Prior to joining Newcastle University London, he worked as was a Senior Lecturer at Portsmouth Business School. He has several years of experience in financial consulting and M&As advisory role. 


BSc (Distinction), MSc (Maths), MA, LLB, MBA, MPhil, PhD, FHEA

Rama holds several memberships in scholarly forums and professional agencies:

  • Member: Euro Working Group of Financial Modelling (EWGCFM)
  • Fellow: HEA (Higher Education Academy).
  • Member: CMI (Chartered Management Institute)
  • Member: Institute for Learning (IFL)
  • Life Member: International Honour Society-Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Registered Consultant: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Member: The British Accounting Association Corporate Governance Special Interest Group
  • Member: State Bar Council, Orissa, India

Dr. Kanungo has published a number of professional articles and features in national and international media:



Rama's core research mainly focuses on Empirical Finance, Merger & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling, Financial Theory and Management, Financial Derivatives, Investment, Risk & Portfolio Analysis. In addition, he also studies and takes interest in Financial Econometrics, Logit/Probit Model, Time Series Analysis, GARCH and GJR-GARCH model, Behavioural Finance, Transition Model and Hidden Markov Model (HMM). He has widely published in several peer reviewed journals and taken other research related responsibilities. One of his papers has received outstanding paper award from the Emerald Literati Network. He has also attended and chaired sessions at national and international conferences held at Cambridge, Oxford and Surrey University.

Member of Editorial Team

  • Journal of Frontiers of Finance
  • Journal of International Business & Management.


  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • Management Research News
  • Journal of Business Research

Currently Rama is preparing five working papers.


Rama has taught modules in Financial Control and Resource Management, Accounting and Financial Strategy, Exploiting Capital and Managing Risk, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets & Institutions in various academic institutions.

He currently teaches Derivative Markets, International Financial Management and International Money & Banking modules for the BSc Accounting & Finance; and MSc Banking & Finance Programme.


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