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Dr Stefanie Reissner

Reader in Management and Organisation Studies



MA Coaching for Organisational Excellence
MA Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
PhD (Dunelm), thesis title: Making Sense of Testing Times - Narratives of Organisational Change and Learning
MA International Business Administration

Academic Employment

2020-        : Reader in Management and Organization Studies, Newcastle University Business School
2015-2020: Senior Lecturer in Management and Organization Studies, Newcastle University Business School
2010-2015: Lecturer in HRM / Organization Studies, Newcastle University Business School
2006-2010: Senior Lecturer in Business and Management, Sunderland Business School
2004-2006: Lecturer in Strategic Management, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England



Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
Assoc Acad Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Member, European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS)
Member, British Academy of Management (BAM)

Esteem indicators

Research strategy and governance:

Elected Member of British Academy of Management Council, Research & Publications Sub-Committee (2019-2021)

Journal publishing:

Consulting Editor, International Journal of Management Reviews

Research grant assessment:

ESRC Peer Review College (by appointment)
The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (by invitation)
Arts and Humanities Research Council / Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (by invitation)

Keynote speeches:

9th European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Research Conference, 4-5 July 2019
Title: Qualitative Interviewing, Researcher Reflexivity and Conversational Space

Doctoral Symposium of the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD), 6 June 2018
Title: Qualitative Research - Characteristics, Complications and What You Can Do

Reviewer for:

Organisation Studies
Human Relations
British Journal of Management
Journal of Management Studies
European Management Review
International Journal of Management Reviews
Management Communication Quarterly
Culture & Organisation
Journal of Change Management
Journal of Organizational Change Management
Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung
Studies in Higher Education

Workshop and conference organization:

Flexible working arrangements - boundary work or boundless work? Sub-theme organized for the 11th Critical Management Studies Conference (with Dr Michal Izak, University of Roehampton, and Dr Sytze Kingma, Free University Amsterdam), 27-29 June 2019, Open University.

23rd Organizational Storytelling Seminar (with M. Izak and M. Daskalaki, Roehampton), 16 February 2018, University of Roehampton. Keynote speakers: Professor Yiannis Gabriel (Bath), Dr Jerzy Kociatkiewicz (Sheffield) and Professor Martyna Sliwa (Essex).

Conducting Qualitative Research Internationally, 12 June 2015, Newcastle University Business School. Organized on behalf of the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI). Speakers: Dr Alan Firth (Newcastle), Dr Agnieszka Chidlow (Birmingham), Professor Catherine Cassell (Leeds) and Professor Bill Lee (Sheffield), Dr David Guttormsen (Exeter), Dr Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki (Leeds), Dr Prue Holmes and Dr Mariam Attia (Durham).

9th Annual Teaching Research Methods to Business and Management Students, 25 March 2014, Newcastle University Business School. Organized on behalf of the British Academy of Management special interest group on Research Methodology. Speakers: Prof Kathryn Haynes, Dr Tyrone Pitsis, Dr Rob Wilson, Dr Stefanie Reissner, Dr Ian Biddle, Dr Darren Kelsey (all Newcastle University). 

24 Hours of Strategy (with C. Carter and T. Pitsis), 4-5 September 2012, Newcastle University Business School. Speakers: Chris Mullin (ex-MP), Prof Yves Gendron (Universite Laval), Prof Andrea Whittle (Cardiff) and Prof Frank Mueller (Newcastle), Dr Neil Pollock (Edinburgh), Prof Mairi Maclean (Exeter) and Prof Charles Harvey (Newcastle), Prof Alan McKinlay (Heriot-Watt), Dr Tyrone Pitsis, Dr Ben Golant and Prof John Sillince (all Newcastle University Business School).

19th Organizational Storytelling Seminar, 2 April 2012, Newcastle University Business School
Speakers: Prof Michael Humphreys (Durham University), Dr Ben Golant and Prof John Sillince, Dr Stefanie Reissner and Victoria Pagan (all Newcastle University Business School).


Research Interests

I am a social scientist with an interest in how social actors make sense of their experiences and how they talk about these experiences through language and storytelling. My work has focused on sensemaking under conditions of change and the effects on individual, professional and organizational identities. Methodologically, my work has been qualitative and interpretive with a focus on narrative and storytelling. I have been working on the following projects in recent years.

(1) Professional Identity Formation

This pilot project, entitled 'Becoming a vet: Veterinary students' experiences of professional identity development', examined how veterinary students develop an understanding of what it means to be a vet through formal learning, socialization into the profession and individual identity work. It addressed concerns among the profession that veterinary students are under significant academic pressure, that a comparatively high number of graduates either do not enter practice or leave it within a few years, and that a shared understanding of what it means to be a vet was lacking. The 18-month project was funded by the British Academy of Management under the Transitions 2 Grant Scheme. Initial results were presented at the 2018 VetEd, the 2019 VetEd and 2019 British Academy of Management Conferences. An academic journal article deriving from the findings is currently developed for publication.  

To strengthen this strand of research, Stefanie Reissner is engaged in a pilot project on veterinary students' professional identity formation in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth-Armitage-Chan, Royal Veterinary College. It focuses on the analysis of reflective writing among veterinary students about their envisaged and actual experience of veterinary practice as part of their studies. The first findings have now been published at: 

Armitage-Chan, E and Reissner, SC (2020) 'How do veterinary students engage when reflecting on their development towards being veterinary students?', Veterinary Record, early view (DOI: 10.1136/vr.105692).

To complement these two strands of work, Stefanie Reissner is a co-investigator on a two-year $10.000 Council on International Veterinary Education (CIVME) research grant by the Association of American Veterinary Colleges (AAVC) with Dr Elizabeth Armitage-Chan (Royal Veterinary College) and Dr Regina Schoenfeld (NC State Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina, USA). The aim is to study the use of creative methods in the development of professional identity formation and to develop discernible teaching activities across institutions. Initial findings were presented at the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges in March 2020. 

(2) Teleworkers' Boundary Work

This two-year project in collaboration with Dr Michal Izak (University of Roehampton) examined the spatial and conceptual boundaries of work and nonwork spaces amongst mobile / flexible / agile workers. It was funded by the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences / Leverhulme Trust (award No. SG152296). The research started in April 2016 and concluded in June 2018. The following article reports the first set of findings:

Reissner, SC; Izak, M and Hislop, D (2020) 'Configurations of boundary management practices among knowledge workers. Work, Employment & Society (in press). 

The following articles have been published for the benefit of wider audiences:

Reissner, SC and Izak, M (2020) 'Coronavirus: Three ways for managing work and life during remote working', guest blog, Work Wise UK, 12 May 2020 [online]. Available at:

Reissner, SC and Izak, M (2019) 'Do you check your email first thing in the morning?', guest blog, Work Wise UK, 15 May 2019 [online]. Available at:

Reissner, SC and Izak, M (2018) 'Being smart about flexible working', guest blog, Work Wise UK, 19 May 2018 [online]. Available at:

Reissner, SC and Izak, M (2017) 'How mobile working ruins work-life balance - unless you've got a good manager', The Conversation, 19 December 2017 [online]. Available at:

A submission has also been made to the Labour Policy Forum to contribute to a consultation on the Future of Work, which includes questions about the key labour market challenges of the future. Details can be found here:
published 20 June 2018. 

(3) Storytelling in Management Practice

The project examined the purposive use of storytelling in management practice and was funded  by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) under award No. RES-061-25-0144-A. Dissemination of findings is ongoing, and academic publications to date include:

Reissner, SC (2019) ' "We are this hybrid": Members' search for organizational identity in an institutionalized public-private partnership', Public Administration, 97(1): 48-63 (DOI: 10.1111/padm.12333).

Reissner, SC (2018) 'Interactional challenges and researcher reflexivity: Mapping and analysing conversational space', European Management Review, 15(2): 205-219 (DOI: 10.1111/emre.12111).

Reissner, SC and Pagan, V (2013) Storytelling in Management Practice: Dynamics and Implications. Abingdon: Routledge (ISBN: 978-0-415-64433-4).

Reissner, SC and Pagan, V (2013) 'Generating employee engagement in a public–private partnership: management communication activities and employee experiences', International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(14): 2741-2759 (DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2013.765497).

Written evidence deriving from the research was also presented to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, sourcing public services - lessons to be learned from the collapse of Carillion [online]. Available at:, published 5 June 2018.

Details about the study and the practitioner-focused findings can be found at

(4) Coaching

During my studies for an MA in Coaching for Organizational Excellence (University of Sunderland), I researched several aspects of coaching. My Master's dissertation was entitled 'Theory and Practice of Narrative and Storytelling in Coaching', thereby integrating my expertise on narrative and storytelling. Publications from this research include:

Du Toit, A and Reissner, SC (2012) 'Experiences of coaching in team learning', International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education, 1(3): 177-190 (DOI: 10.1108/20466851211279448).

Reissner, SC and Du Toit, A (2011) 'Power and the tale: Coaching as storytelling', Journal of Management Development, 30(3): 247-259 (DOI: 10.1108/02621711111116171).

Reissner, SC (2008) 'Narrative and story: New perspectives on coaching', International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching, 6(3): 1-5.

(5) Organizational Change, Organizational Learning, Sensemaking

My doctoral research at the University of Durham under supervision of Professor Bill Williamson and examined by Professor David Sims (Cass Business School) investigated how organizational actors experience and make sense of profound  change and what they learn from it. The research involved three cross-national case studies of manufacturing firms from the UK, South Africa and the Russian Federation. Publications from this study include:

Reissner, SC (2011) 'Patterns of stories of organisational change'. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 24(5): 593-609 (DOI: 10.1108/09534811111158877).

Reissner, SC (2010) 'Change, meaning and identity at the workplace'. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 23(3): 287-299 (DOI: 10.1108/09534811011049617).

Reissner, SC (2008) Narratives of Organisational Change and Learning: Making Sense of Testing Times. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (ISBN: 978-1-84720-326-7).

Reissner, SC (2005) 'Learning and innovation: a narrative analysis'. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 18(5): 482-494 (DOI: 10.1108/09534810510614968).

Reissner, SC (2004) 'Learning by storytelling: Narratives in the study of work-based learning'. Journal of Adult and Continuing Education, 10(2): 99-113 (DOI: 10.7227/JACE.10.2.2).

Social Media Presence

More details about my research can be found at:


Google Scholar:  



Undergraduate Teaching

BUS2018: Research Methods (module leader)
BUS3005: Advanced Business Topics (module leader)

Postgraduate Teaching

NBS8199: Dual Awards Dissertation (module leader)
NBS8554: Research Designs in Management and Business Studies (contributor)


Stefanie Reissner is co-editor (with Gillian Watson) of the core textbook Developing Skills for Business Leadership, now in its second edition. A completely revised and co-authored third edition to cater for the new CIPD qualifications and a wider human resource and general management audience is due to be published by Kogan Page in 2021.

Pedagogic research

Stefanie Reissner is involved in research project entitled 'Alternative capstone projects: Exploring assumptions, motivations and expectations of students, educators and prospective employers' funded by Newcastle University Education Development Fund (£2,500, with Dr Susan Addison and Angela Mazzetti). 

External Examining

2017-:          MA Social Research, University of Birmingham
2014-2017:  PG Cert. Research Methods, University of Huddersfield
2012-2014:  BA (Hons) Business and HRM, Sheffield Business School

Doctoral Supervision, Completions and Examinations

PhD supervision:

J. Rush (PhD f/t) - Development of cultural intelligence (with A. Schartner and S. Kirk)
R. Ojeme (PhD f/t) - Causes of stress among mental health support workers (with T. McGovern)

PhD completions:

D. Yagbasan - The making of the German-Turkish economic elite (with C. Harvey and M. Maclean), 2019
P. Simoes - The nature of communication and its influence on resistance to change: Three radical change cases 
(with M. Esposito and M. Maclean), 2017
V. Pagan - Sustainability in an era of crisis: How new worlds emerge, Santander studentship (with K. Haynes), 2016

PhD examinations:

PhD, Newcastle University, June 2020
PhD, University of Essex, May 2019
PhD, Newcastle University, March 2019
PhD, Northumbria University, October 2013
PhD, Newcastle University, August 2012

Doctoral training:

Stefanie Reissner is engaged in doctoral training at Newcastle University Business School, has delivered workshops on narrative analysis for the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI) in 2018 and 2019. She also gave a key note speech on the nature of qualitative research at the 2018 University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD) doctoral symposium. Stefanie has further supported the Doctoral Symposium of the 2019 and 2020 British Academy of Management Conference as a research mentor.