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Professor Suraksha Gupta

Professor of Marketing


Professor of Marketing, Newcastle University London

Director, Marketing Strategy and Policy Research Group

Director, Roasty Foods Pvt Ltd, India

Founder, Indian Exotiqua, UK



- PhD marketing, Brunel University, London

- MBA Institute of Management Technology, India



- International Brand strategies in Resource constrained Emerging Markets

- International Business, Marketing and Sustainable Development Goals

- Waste Management and Poverty Reduction



Suraksha Gupta is a Professor of Marketing at Newcastle University, London UK.

Suraksha has been conferred with an award of Best Professor in Marketing for her teaching and for Excellence in Academic Research for her work as a marketing scholar.  She has also been awarded for her outstanding achievements by brands like intel corporation and Samsung during her industry tenure. Her research work has appeared in many journals such as Journal of World Business, British Journal of Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research and Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

In her research, Suraksha focuses on micro level firms to study growth strategies of international brands in resource constrained environment of emerging markets. Everyday, she continues to explore the interplay between marketing constructs such as knowledge transfer and brand value co-creation underpinned into theory of effectuation and causation for integration of push and pull strategies of international brands. 

In her current work, she has been trying to push boundaries of our knowledge about possible linkages between marketing initiatives of international brands and Sustainable Development Goals such as Waste Management and Poverty Reduction.

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Suraksha's PhD students are working on various different topics related to Corporate Re-branding, Technology based International Management, Social Innovation, Eco-innovation, Urban development and Employee engagement




Suraksha Gupta specialises in marketing activities of multinational firms and international brands in developing markets, particularly India. Her practitioner background with academic skills make her research highly relevant to the industrial practices.   She works on strategies of multinational companies and contributions they make towards social development in developing markets. Focus of her research projects with colleagues, PhD scholars and other students is generally on development of business models which can enable multinational companies to integrate their social agenda into their business practices.


Suraksha Gupta has been teaching courses like International Marketing, Advanced Global Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Planning, Research Methods and Corporate Brand Management to UG, PG and MBA students. She enjoys discussing challenges and issues in management.