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Professor Susan Chilton

Professor of Economics


Research Interests

The academic core of my research is applied welfare economics, centering on the use of surveys and experimental situations to understand how individuals make decisions affecting their economic welfare. The work is based in environmental economics, safety economics and health economics.

Key interests: Environmental Economics (non-market valuation), Experimental Economics, Safety Economics, Health Economics

Current Impact-Related Activities:

Policy Panels

DEFRA Economic Advisory Panel (Core Member)

DEFRA Independent Review Panel, Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU)

FSA Register of Specialists 

Policy Research 

PI: HSE/DH. “Monetary Value of a VOLY”. Scoping study (June 2018-December 2018). 

PI: HSE 2016, “The costs to Britain of workplace cancer” (Contract No. ND2484). This will be included in the next HM Treasury “Green  Book” update.

Visiting Research Fellow, The Treasury, New Zealand Dec. 2014-Feb. 2015

Impact Pathway Guidance for Valuing Changes in Air Quality. May 2103. DEFRA. London. pp 16-17 VOLY value for regulatory impact anlysis based on values in Chiton et al. 2004 .   

Current/Recent Events: Invited Speaker 

Invited Participant Pricing Lives Celebration and Journal of Risk and Uncertainty Symposium, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (workshop participants: Kip Viscusi, Cass Sunstein et al. – initial paper presentations and discussions for Special Edition of J. Of Risk and Uncertainty) , September 2018.

Technical Seminar: "The Cost of Pipeline Failure: Risk Assessment, ALARP and Zero failures", Rosen Group, Newcastle upon Tyne, April 2018 

Integrating Economic and Safety Perspectives in Risk Management - a Necessity for Success? University of Stavanger, Norway, November 2016

Expert Workshop on Valuing Health Impacts of Chemicals, European Chemicals Agency, Helsinki, January 2016

Guest Lecture: New Zealand Treasury, Wellington, NZ February 2015

3rd Workshop of the Paris Risk Group (invitation only), National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, June 2015



Undergraduate Teaching

ECO1002 Economic Analysis

ECO206 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics