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Dr Tracy Scurry

Associate Dean (Undergraduate) HaSS Faculty, Senior Lecturer in HRM



Tracy Scurry is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Newcastle University Business School. She is a member of the Human Resource Management Work and Employment  research group and The Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE). Her research focuses on careers from the perspectives of the individual and the organisation. She has also worked on numerous projects exploring organisational change in the workplace. See for example the recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Chris Hicks ,  Tom McGovern and Adrian Small exploring transformational change at an automotive dealership.

Previous Roles and Responsibilities

Deputy Subject Group Head, (Leadership, Work and Organisation)

Chair of the Board of Studies (Leadership, Work and Organisation)

HASS Faculty representative for the University Standing Committee on Collaborative Provision 


PhD, Nottingham Trent University

BA (hons), Nottingham Trent University

External Roles

2020 - ongoing - AGCAS Research and Knowledge Committee Member

2019 -ongoing - Chartered Association of Business Schools CMBE Professional Standards Board Member

2019 - ongoing - QAA Subject specialist reviewer (Business Management) 

2013 - ongoing - Editorial Advisory Board for Personnel Review

2012-2013 - Advisory group member for BIS funded Graduate Success Project AGCAS/AGR  

2011 - 2012 - Panel member for the OUVS Revalidation of MA Management with Pathways at Regent's  College

2008 – 2013 -Book Reviews Editor for Personnel Review

External Examining

2014 - 2018  Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University, UK :

MA/PGD/PGC/PGA Career Education Information and Guidance in Higher Education 

MA/PGD/PGC/PGA Career Development and Coaching Studies

2014 - 2018 Warwick Business School, Warwick University, UK:

Postgraduate Award in Career Development

International Doctoral Examinations

2014 - External examiner DBA: Grenoble Ecole de Management, France

2012 - External examiner PhD: Auckland University, New Zealand

UK Doctoral Examinations

2010 - External examiner DBA: Teesside University, UK

2019 - External examiner PhD: Northumbria University

2019 - External examiner PhD: Teesside University

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Scopus Author ID: 16417822100



Management and Leadership Roles in Learning and Teaching

2019 -              Associate Dean Undergraduate (HaSS Faculty)

2017 -  2019    Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching (HaSS Faculty)

2013 - 2016     Deputy Subject Group Head for Leadership, Work and Organisation (LWO)

2013 - 2016     Chair of the Board of Studies for Leadership, Work and Organisation (LWO) 

2011 - 2014      Degree Programme Director for the Dual Masters AIBM/AIBMM with the University of Groningen

2012 -2014      Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Dual Masters AIBM/AIBMM/OPS (With University of Groningen)

2009 - 2011      Dual Masters Programme development and approval

2008 - 2011      Degree Programme Director for the MA IBM



Research Interests

Current research embraces: graduate careers (notably graduates in ‘non-traditional’ graduate employment), identity narratives of global workers and career development programmes. Her work seeks to reframe understandings about graduate careers by demonstrating their multi-level and relational nature. She is interested in exploring how individual and societal factors interplay to influence outcomes, current research examines how imbalances and inequalities frame career experiences. She has an established track record of attracting research funding (British Academy, Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and N8) and engaging with non-academic stakeholders in a variety of forms (KTP and ESRC Seminar Series). She has conducted research for policy makers (BIS and the North East Local Economic Partnership), acted as an expert for professional bodies (e.g. Association for Careers and Guidance Services) and has worked with regional branches of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD) and the North East Chambers of Commerce (NECC) to engage members with research and organise events.  

She has also worked with a number of public sector organisations evaluating the processes and impact of organisational change related to the implementation of flexible working practices and work life balance initiatives.  Work to date has adopted a multi-stakeholder perspective, examining both the organisational and individual implications of the practices for all those involved.

Keywords: careers, subjective careers, career success, graduate careers, career management, global careers, resilience, dual careers

Current international collaborative projects:

1. Interdependent negotiated careers  with Dr Marilyn Clarke, Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Australia and Professor Mark Smith, Grenoble Ecole De Management, France.

Latest outputs: 

Smith, M., Clarke, M. and Scurry, T. (2018) It's only a baby, right? Prime ministers, women and parenthood, The Conversation, 16/10/18.

UK version:

French version:  

Clarke, M., Scurry, T., and Smith, M. (2017) Placing the ideal worker in a 'life context' - interdependent negotiated careers. Paper presented at VII I-WIL International Conference of Work and Family, July 2017, Barcelona

2. Graduate talent management -  with Dr Marilyn Clarke, Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Australia  

Latest outputs:

Clarke, M., & Scurry, T. (2017). The role of the psychological contract in shaping graduate experiences: a study of public sector talent management programmes in the UK and Australia. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 1-27. Available online:

Current research projects:

1. Graduate Resilience - with Dr Ciaran Burke, International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby, UK Funded by the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) 2018 -2019

This research aims to provide a critical understanding of the concept of “graduate resilience” to provide a starting point for future research.

Burke, C. and Scurry, T. (2019) Graduate Resilience: A review of the literature and future research agenda, SRHE Scoping Report. Available at: 

The report is available at: 

2. Career Practitioner Perspectives of Graduate Career Resilience - with Ann Smart, Careers Advice and Guidance Manager, Northumbria University, Professor John Blenkinsopp, Northumbria University and Dr Ciaran Burke  International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby. Funded by Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU)  2017-2018 

This research seeks to examine the notion of career resilience from the perspective of careers professionals in HEIs – exploring what they understand resilience to be, if and how careers professionals have a role in its development and the challenges that are faced in doing so.

Scurry, T., Smart, A., Burke, C., Blenkinsopp, J. and Stephenson, S. (2020) Developing and Enhancing Graduates' Career Resilience: Perspectives from Higher Education Careers Professionals, Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU); Prospects. Available online at:


External Research Funding

2018 -2019 Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Scoping Award: Graduate Resilience: A review of the literature and future research agenda. With C. Burke (University of Derby) University).  

2017 -2018  Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU): Developing Graduates' Career Resilience. With PI Ann Smart (Northumbria University Careers Service) Prof. J Blenkinsopp (Newcastle Business School) and Dr. C. Burke (Derby)

2014 – 2016 ESRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership Funding: Transformational Change at Benfield Motor Group  – PI: Chris Hicks. CIs: T Scurry and T McGovern. Received outstanding rating and features as an ESRC Impact Case Study:

2013-2015 ESRC Seminar Series: 'Regulation of Work and Employment: Towards a multidisciplinary, multilevel framework' - PI: J Rodriguez, CIs: T. Scurry, S. Johnstone and S. Hughes (Newcastle), G. Bamber (Monash) and P. Stewart (Strathclyde)  (Grant Ref: ES/L000660/1).

2012 -2013 Institute for Local Governance and Gateshead Council:  Accelerating Implementation of Apprenticeship Priotities for Gateshead (With Dr John Blenkinsopp, Dr Ruth Helyer, Dr Paul Smith, Steven Pattinson).

2012 -2012    Department for Business Innovation and Skills :Graduate Recruitment to SMEs.(NUBS Principal Investigator) with Leigh Sear SFEDI , Dr Janine Swail NUBS, Professor Simon Down Anglia Ruskin and Stu Anderson NUBS. Report available here: 

2010 - 2012   British Academy Small Research Grant : What is a graduate job? Insights from undergraduate students of expected graduate employment outcomes (Principal Investigator. With Dr John Blenkinsopp)

2010 – 2010  Institute for Local Governance CA100: Securing the region’s future workforce requirements The Process of Recruiting, Training & Deploying Apprentices (With Dr John Blenkinsopp, Dr Jon Scott and Dr Roberts)

Internal Research Funding

2014 -2015 KITE Internship for NELEP Regional Skills Survey. 

2012 - 2013   NUBS Engaged Research Funding: Graduate development programmes in the public sector – changing notions of career success? (Principal Investigator)

2007 – 2008  Faculty Research Grant : 'An exploration of the influence of social class on career expectations and aspirations' (with Dr Yvette Taylor - GPS)

2006 – 2007  HASS Faculty Futures Programme Grant: 'Intersections, divisions and distinctions: an exploration of students’ experiences within Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Newcastle University' (with Dr. Bernadette Buckley and Dr. Yvette Taylor)

Past projects

NELEP Regional Skills Survey

Designed and developed Regional Skills Survey (with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC)) for the North East Local Economic Partnership (NELEP). Please email for a copy of the Executive Summary.

Coverage of the report:

Graduate recruitment to SMEs:  

a) I was part of a team that received funding from BIS to consider the number of graduates employed in small businesses, how they are recruited and whether recruitment processes can be improved. This report is available at:

b) AGCAS Members Survey:  I have also conducted a survey of AGCAS members to gather their views in relation to the recruitment of graduates to SMEs. A full copy of the report is available here: