Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr Xiaojing Song

Senior Lecturer in Finance, DPD MSc Banking and Finance


Xiaojing (Linda) Song joined the Business School on 1 March 2019 as Senior Lecturer in Finance. Previously she worked in the University of East Anglia.


Dr. Song has taught a broad range of subjects in finance and investments at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Dr. Song’s research interests are in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, asset pricing, market efficiency and corporate finance.  She has published papers dealing with determining the significance of abnormal security returns, the economic benefits which arise under Chinese domestic takeovers, the empirical validity of the Fama and French Asset Pricing Model, using the Feynman-Kac functional to assess errors which arise in present value calculations from assuming an inter-temporally constant discount rate and the correct way to determine abnormal returns when the underlying returns process is non-Gaussian. The paper entitled “Constructing Asset Pricing Models with Specific Factor Loadings” which Dr. Song jointly authored with Ian Davidson of the University of Sussex, Qian Guo of Birkbeck College in the University of London and Mark Tippett of the University of Sydney, was recently awarded the Abacus Manuscript Award for best paper published in the journal.

Dr. Song’s current research investigates the issue of cultural disparity and cross-border takeover performance in China, alternative stochastic process for modelling asset prices and the impact they have on abnormal return calculations, the calculation of logarithmic returns under Constant Elasticity of Variance stochastic processes and the econometric issues which arise from applying the same stochastic normalising variable to both sides of regression equations.  Dr. Song has also been providing financial advice to a broad cross-section of Chinese companies dealing with such issues as investing in government sponsored banks, the building roads and hospitals in China, the setting up new health care centres for elderly people and merger and acquisition activities in China.

Dr. Song also has considerable experience with supervision of Ph.D, M.Sc and M.Res students. Students who have similar interests to Dr. Song are more than welcome to make contact about the possibility of PhD supervision.