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Systemic Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (SERS)

We partner with academic institutions worldwide to address global systemic problems through education and research. This forms our SERS International Network.

A global network

The SERS International Network facilitates partnerships that connect academic groups and institutions across continents, to develop education, research, and engagement in Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS).

We operate in accordance with principles of open consultation, participation, reciprocity, responsible ownership, and support for diversity of ideas.

We stimulate partnerships in education and research collaboration, as well as staff and student mentoring.

Our Network facilitates international learning experiences for our Members’ students, through intra- and extra-curricular activities.

To achieve these objectives, we also engage with other international networks, industry bodies, community organisations, professional and government agencies.  

Global networks

Our commitment to global initiatives

The SERS International Network is committed to advancing education and research that promotes the following:

Network activities

Throughout the year, the SERS Network runs a range of activities for students, staff and Network members.

Latest Network news