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Vision and Mission

A globally renowned international business school, delivering excellence and solving global problems.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a community creating a better, more responsible, inclusive and just future for all.

Our community is defined as:

  • our staff
  • our students
  • our university
  • our partners in academe, business and society (in Newcastle, North East England, the UK and globally)
  • our alumni across the globe
Business School students sat at a cafe table on the Newcastle Quayside with the Tyne Bridge in the background

Our region has transformed from its industrial origins to a revitalised and vibrant commercial, educational and creative hub. We draw inspiration from its transformation. And so we venture to transform and revitalise ourselves and our community through knowledge, insight and engagement.

Our distinctiveness, the “NUBS Way”, is characterised by aspiring to:

  • provide a richness of perspectives through a broad base of academic disciplines in a full-service School
  • adopt an agile approach to research, scholarship and education. We look to draw upon our evolving expertise to address the core challenges of the day in a collaborative environment
  • embed sustainability and a global perspective across our endeavours
  • provide a welcoming environment and a collegial approach

Our mission

We are here to:

  • advance knowledge
  • share insights
  • transform policy and practice for the benefit of all
A Business School student looking at a laptop with NUBS Careers Consultant Jo Craggs

Supporting our mission

We support our mission through seven core strands:

  • Our Colleagues: sharing responsibility, and supporting our academic and professional services colleagues to succeed
  • Research and Scholarship: catalysing transformative research and scholarship within and between our disciplines, and beyond
  • Education: engaging, challenging and supporting students, managers and policy makers to discover and fulfil their potential
  • Engagement and Place: enhancing the economy and society in North East England and beyond
  • Global Ambition: connecting globally to the benefit of our community
  • Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability: motivating our community to build a responsible, inclusive and just future for ourselves, business and society
  • Infrastructure: providing a physical and digital space that supports our ambitions

Our values

Our values underpin the way we work.


  • are research-led and student-centred 
  • work together
  • respond to current and future challenges
  • engage outside our School
  • value everyone's contribution and create opportunity for all
A Business School student in a red hoodie standing in front of a whiteboard, in discussion with other students sat around a table