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Postgraduate research alumni

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our postgraduate research alumni.

Our research alumni took part in exciting research projects. Please use the search box below to explore the research areas of our alumni.


Amani Alabed

Amani's subject area is Marketing & Consumer Behaviour. Amani's PhD project title is 'Artificial Intelligence Anthropomorphism and Its Effect on the User’s Psychological Processes'. Read more about Amani's research.

Christopher W Storey

Christopher's subject area is Entrepreneurship. Christopher's PhD project title is 'Crowdfunding: An Exploration of Funder and Entrepreneurial Heuristics'. Read more about Christopher's research.

Dr Nicole El Maalouf

Dr Nicole El Maalouf's subject area is Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Nicole's PhD project title is 'Open Innovation'. Read more about Nicole's research.

Francesca Speed

Francesca's subject area is Leadership, Work and Organisation. Francesca's PhD project title is 'Situating the working lives of migrants and refugees: the case of Syrians in North East England'. Read more about Francesca's research.

Hamad Ateeq Rubayea Humaid Aldarmaki

Hamad's subject area is Identity work & Policing . Hamad's PhD project title is 'An Ethnographic Study of Identity Work in Policing'. Read more about Hamad's research.

Hesty Nurul Utami

Hesty's subject area is PhD Marketing. Hesty's PhD project title is 'Value Co-Creation Through Digital Technology in Developing Economies: Reflections from Indonesian Agri-Food E-commerce Chain'. Read more about Hesty's research.

Jacoub Sleibi

Jacoub's subject area is Financial Economics. Jacoub's PhD project title is 'Essays in credit, banking and the macroeconomy'. Read more about Jacoub's research.

Julian D Riano

Julian's subject area is Strategy, Organisations, and Society. Julian's PhD project title is 'Investigating Formation of Social Capital Benefits for Value Creation and Strategy Enhancement: The case of SMEs in the UK’s Construction Industry'. Read more about Julian's research.

Julie Monroe

Julie's subject area is Leadership, Work & Organisation. Julie's PhD project title is 'Technology at work and domestic labour: A critical exploration of gender, class, and work-life articulation [2022]'. Read more about Julie's research.

Min Deng

Min's subject area is Economics. Min's PhD project title is 'Equity Option Market Liquidity'. Read more about Min's research.

Muhammad Khan

Muhammad's subject area is Business and Management. Muhammad's PhD project title is 'Philanthropy and the Socioeconomic Development of Pakistan'. Read more about Muhammad's research.

Rana Alharbi

Rana's subject area is finance. Rana's PhD project title is 'Board Diversity and Women Directors’ Attributes: New Insights from Bank Risk, Stability and Stock Market Valuations with Evidence from Alternative Banking Models'. Read more about Rana's research.

Rita Ojeme

Rita's subject area is Leadership, Work and Organisation. Rita's PhD project title is 'Lived experiences of stress among NHS support worker: A qualitative study'. Read more about Rita's research.