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For Business

Collaborate with peers and business experts in our hub of research excellence. We take our theoretical expertise and apply it to your real-world business challenges.

We work together with you and your business to provide expert support. We find solutions to real-world business challenges.

These include the increasing pace of technological change, and the challenges of big data.

MBA Corporate Consultancy

Each year, our MBA students work with a range of organisations on Corporate Consultancy Projects. They investigate strategic real-world business challenges and explore new opportunities.

Whether you're looking for fresh insights into a complex problem, or wanting to explore a new business opportunity, our students are ready to make a significant impact.


An MBA student and business leader examining financial charts and data on a tablet and printed documents.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a collaborative three-way partnership between a university, a business, and a graduate (known as the Associate) that benefits everyone involved.

KTPs help businesses like yours innovate and grow by utilising expertise that you may not have available in-house.  A KTP can boost your business' performance by making you more competitive and productive.

The Associate is employed by us but works at your business premises which can be anywhere in the UK. The Associate will work on an innovative, strategic project for your business throughout the duration of the KTP.  To participate, Associates are not required to be graduates of Newcastle University.

Depending on the project and your business needs, a KTP usually lasts between one and three years. Government funding supports the scheme. Your contribution depends on the size of your business and the scale and duration of the project.

The KTP provided us with the research and expertise of Newcastle University Business School. The KTP will help with the change that the automotive aftersales market is experiencing right now.

Gavin Ruddick, Aftersales Director, Lookers plc