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For Leadership Development

Collaborate with us and enable your organisation’s leaders to foster an environment for innovation and growth.

Fostering leadership for the future of work

Organisations need to be adaptable and flexible.

They face challenges such as:

  • big data
  • the increasing pace of technological change
  • an ageing and diverse workforce

We will enable leaders to respond to these future of work challenges. They will foster an environment for innovation and sustained growth.

Our expertise

We specialise in:

  • responsible and sustainable business
  • leadership as practice
  • diversity and inclusion
  • organisational development
  • entrepreneurship
  • coaching and mentoring

We have developed a range of flexible executive education programmes for senior leaders.

Executive Education

Our executive education programmes are all work-based, flexible master’s degrees. They allow you to combine work with study.

Our three programmes help you develop the skills and knowledge to thrive in international business.

We are offering three courses:

Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships combine on the job training with study which leads to a qualification at Master’s degree level. They are a great way of helping you develop the skilled workforce your business needs.