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Research and impact showcase

Research and impact showcase

We investigate emerging issues of the business world and wider society and help shape policies to solve the pressing issues of today.

Impacting Policy: Blowing the Whistle on Corruption

Edward Snowden’s Lawyer, Robert Tibbo, highlights the importance of whistleblowing for the functioning of a democratic society.

Impacting Business: Ethnic Marketing Attracts the Multicultural Millennial

The global revolution has opened up opportunities for big brands to target new customers all over the world.

Impacting Business: Why Beauty is not a Shortcut to Executive Success

Does an impressive CV, a good education or a solid track record of improving the financial performance of a company make a good CEO?

Impacting Policy: Analysing the energy consumption economic growth link

New research by Newcastle University Business school highlights the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption.

Impacting Business: How to make hybrid working a success

New research from Newcastle University Business School and the Work Foundation has found that hybrid working is set to become a feature of northern workplaces in the future.