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Meet Clare Garnham

Clare is studying the Strategic Leadership MSc programme at Newcastle University Business School and is the recipient of the Diversity in Leadership Scholarship.

Clare Garnham is a manager at OASES (Outdoor and Sustainability Education Specialists) based in County Durham. Clare is studying the Strategic Leadership MSc programme at Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) and is the recipient of the Diversity in Leadership Scholarship. 

We sit down with Clare to hear more about her experience on the programme so far. 

What was it about the NUBS and the Strategic Leadership MSc that stood out to you? 

Newcastle University Business School stood out to me, firstly, because it's local to me. Secondly, it's got a very strong emphasis on responsible leadership and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. That was a real draw for me as I work for an environmental sustainability charity.  

A headshot of Clare Garnham

How has the scholarship enabled your professional development? 

I wouldn't normally get this kind of opportunity working for a small organisation. The opportunities for this sort of personal development don't normally come around. The fact that I've managed to study this programme and receive the full scholarship has been fantastic because, without the scholarship, I wouldn't be able to do this.  

How has the programme benefited your career? 

The organisation I work for is going through a period of growth. It's really helped me think about how we can grow in a way that's supporting the staff. My learning helped me ensure the staff team is cohesive and working together through this slightly turbulent time of growth and change. 

How has the programme fitted around your personal and professional life?  

I have work, I have family, I have everything else that comes with life, but the programme has fitted into that really well. The way the programme is designed to release new materials each week. The important things to look at for that week are highlighted, so if you’re short on time, you can just focus on those specific items. 

The materials are a mixture of videos, reading and actions to take. Because it's built to be a flexible programme with your professional life, the work you're doing as part of the programme feeds directly into the work you do at your workplace.

What do you love about your programme?

The programme leaders care about what they're teaching. They clearly have a passion for the subject and that makes a big difference.

I love the diversity of the people on the programme. I've met some really interesting people with different mindsets, different experiences and that's been fantastic.

What advice would you give to others thinking of studying the Strategic Leadership MSc? 

You’ve got to go into it understanding that it is a Master's degree. It takes time and it takes a lot of effort. Particularly in the first two modules that we did, there was a lot of reflection, thinking about your journey to where you've been and where you are now. That can be emotionally draining. But the staff understand that and support you through it. It's a good, safe environment to do that sort of reflection. It’s a fantastic opportunity. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the programme.