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Develop your knowledge, ability, and ambition to shape the future of an organisation and your career. Our MBA is a truly transformative leadership experience.

Creating a new line of leaders

Our MBA is much more than a management programme. It's a journey of self-discovery and transformation and an opportunity to:

  • enhance your self-awareness
  • integrate and apply your learning
  • develop your consulting skills
  • contribute to lead multicultural teams

The next generation of leaders need to be adaptable and resilient to change. With our MBA, you’ll learn to think and behave differently. You'll question established norms and search for new answers.

Our MBA programme offers you a carefully structured, immersive experience. You will be empowered to push beyond your boundaries. On our MBA, you will develop the capabilities you need to be competitive and successful in any industry or entrepreneurial venture. You'll hone your leadership skills, critical thinking and communication. You will also work to improve your performance.

We’ll prepare you for jobs of the future, technology that hasn’t been invented, and opportunities we don’t yet know about.

Your leadership journey has four key phases

Through our 13 core modules, you’ll strengthen your management fundamentals, develop your global perspective, and integrate your learning.

You can personalise your MBA and choose from six electives during phase two of your leadership journey. This offers you more scope to align your learning experience with your individual career objectives.

Your MBA modules are outlined below for the September 2021 course start date.

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