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Nick's MBA Journey

Nick Fang provides an insight into the 12-month intensive programme and shares why he chose to study the Newcastle MBA.


Name: Nick Fang

Nationality: Chinese

Graduation Year: 2022

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Why Nick chose Newcastle University Business School

How did you find out about the MBA programme and what made you want to study at Newcastle University Business School?

I researched all the Business Schools with ‘triple-crown’ accreditation and Newcastle University Business School was the institution that caught my attention.

I decided to choose Newcastle due to the broad range of modules that is on offer throughout the 12-month programme. I was also lucky to win the full-fee scholarship (the Future of Work Scholarship) which helped with my studies. Plus, I am also a fan of Newcastle United Football Club.

What sets the Newcastle MBA apart from some of the other MBA programmes?

The small elite cohort with diverse backgrounds and the excellent teaching quality distinguished the Newcastle MBA from others.

How did you find the cohort size and your course mates impacted day to day life on the course?

The small cohort has enabled us to share insights in deep detail, which allowed us to build professional relationships with each other.

What impact did the nature of the small cohort size have on interactions with other peers and academics?

The close relationship within the small cohort was a great motivation for me in my studies. During the journey, I was constantly encouraged and inspired by the cohort which helped me work out of my comfort zone.

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MBA overview

What has been your favourite moment of the MBA programme?

The highlight of the MBA programme was the Business in Action module. I worked with my team to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired in the previous modules into the real business world, trying my best to resolve the problem within the limited time. The experience was so fascinating.

The programme features a range of projects throughout the duration of your studies, has there been a standout project for you and what did you gain from your chosen project?

I enjoyed the digital business module as I believe digitalisation is the future. I have examined the education institute during the period of pandemic, which gave me a better understanding of the pros and cons for digital transformation.

Can you tell us more about how the programme has equipped you for your career aspirations or current role? Have you strengthened your skillset and knowledge throughout studying the MBA?

The programme has offered me a solid foundation for a thorough understanding of the business world. The Newcastle MBA has allowed me to view the world of business from different perspectives. It has benefited me in the long run.

Nick's future

What are your career aspirations for life after the MBA?

The programme has equipped me with sufficient business knowledge. I achieved a distinction from the MBA programme, which has encouraged me to pursue my doctoral study in the future.

How has NUBS supported your personal development throughout your time on the MBA programme?

I have managed to improve my time management, and I feel more confident with networking. The programme has also allowed for me to understand how I work and what skills I needed to improve on, due to the reflections that took place during the course.

The programme has also allowed for me to understand how I work and what skills I needed to improve on.

Nick Fang

Tips for prospective students

  • Keep calm and carry on. The MBA programme is so unique that you will cherish every minute of it and the transferable skills you will acquire on the programme will benefit you in the long run.