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Yana's MBA Journey

Yana Bozhadomava shares her experience of the MBA programme and why she chose to study the Newcastle MBA.


Name: Yana Bozhadomava

Nationality: Belarus

Graduation Year: 2022

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Before joining the MBA programme, I worked as a Radiologist in one of the largest Cancer Centres in the Republic of Belarus. I was focused on achieving success in the professional field, stable employment, and a good reputation. Working in the Oncology sector, I was constantly involved in implementing various innovative projects. I worked with the team on projects requiring clinical knowledge and skills in strategic management of people, operations, and innovations.

The desire to acquire the necessary skills and expertise in business led me to look for opportunities for professional development. After looking at possible options for postgraduate education, I decided to study an MBA, which covered everything I needed. When exploring universities where I would study the programme, I looked at the status of the university and its position in the world rankings.

Why Yana chose Newcastle University Business School

The opportunity to study at Newcastle University, which is a Top 150 Global University (QS World University Rankings 2022) with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence, was an appealing aspect for me when making my decision. I chose to study the MBA at Newcastle University because of its rich teaching experience (more than 30 years), diverse cohort and the triple-accreditation status.

In 2019, I visited Newcastle University for the first time. Newcastle University appealed to me with its unique combination of historical and modern buildings, and an innovative education system. I had a chance to speak with staff and students who were studying different Master’s programmes at Newcastle University Business School.

The prospect of learning in a small multicultural group of students with different professional backgrounds attracted me. I found this approach as an exclusive opportunity to gather different perspectives from highly educated people in one space.

The highly professional teaching staff, mentor support and access to the extensive professional library also influenced my final choice.

Moreover, I was attracted by the opportunity to be part of a community of Business School students and graduates with three years of employment support from Newcastle University Careers Service.

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A typical day on the MBA programme

A typical day on the MBA would start with an online lecture held via Zoom. We had the opportunity to enter the virtual conference room 10 minutes before the session started, to chat with academics and course mates on general topics. The academics were friendly and open-minded, helping to break the ice at team meetings and build connections amongst course mates.

The teaching arrangements were well-developed for online studying. Along with the video seminars, we also had access to many tools including recorded video lectures, a personal student's account, the University library and meetings with business representatives. If students had any questions or challenges, the NUBS representatives and mentors were always there to support and provide any extra help. 

The main feature of the MBA course is the wide range of practical exercises that immerse the students in solving real business problems. It allowed for students to get involved and give their all.

The MBA programme is vibrant, versatile, and valuable. Within the course, we had the opportunity to interact with the world's leading professionals and practitioners from all over the world who are deeply immersed in the subjects and are ready to share their knowledge.

We were given a lot of practical cases and new tools that can be used "here and now" in various business areas. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to single out outstanding modules because each module I studied has brought value to my professional transformation and development.

I want to highlight a few exceptional modules in the first semester, such as Finance and Accounting, Strategic Management and Marketing. These modules helped me gain the necessary knowledge to analyse business processes and develop business strategies. I would also like to highlight such modules as Personal and Professional Transformation, Business Analysis for Decision Making and Managing for Innovation. The knowledge gained during the MBA course was fundamental for building my future career plan.

Yana's future

My values have changed from my MBA experience and my knowledge that has developed on the programme. I'm still interested in becoming a professional in my field, but I'm no longer focused only on the stability that a medical job can provide.

I am interested in management because it has a real focus on integrating other people's efforts in a team setting, whilst driving for the result which uses a combination of various leadership skills. I want to work with a team that strives for the same goals and achievements. I want to participate in large-scale projects to apply my skill set and ideas.

During the MBA course, I have improved my knowledge in business analysis, strategic development, and interpersonal communication skills. Now I see my career growth in the field of management. I am sure that many managers lack precisely the knowledge that an MBA gives.

Today I compare myself "before" and "after", and I see a significant difference in thinking and decision-making processes. It is a great step forward for me personally.

The knowledge gained during the MBA course was fundamental for building my future career plan.

Yana Bozhadomava

Tips for prospective students

  • Embrace change and the skills that you will learn from the degree.
  • Listen to your course mates, be active, communicate and develop the network. Studying for an MBA programme at Newcastle University provides an excellent opportunity to meet people from different businesses who could share their rich experience and valuable advice for future development.