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AI and data science expansion for DSTL in Newcastle

30 April 2021

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is creating a new unit based at the National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD).

The unit will recruit around 15 new staff and is due to open in late 2021.

The NICD seeks to address the shortage of data analytics skills in the UK and helps companies and organisations to exploit data. Dstl will be able to access NICD’s ecosystem of non-traditional small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) suppliers to help solve defence and security data challenges.

The NICD is supported by Newcastle University which, along with other regional universities, offers a diverse pool supply of suitably qualified potential staff.

Prof. John Fitzgerald, the Head of the School of Computing, said:

 "Dstl is rightly famous for the creativity that its people bring to some of the most exciting and current challenges in science and technology. This decision to establish a unit with the National Innovation Centre for Data will create new opportunities for businesses. Its presence will certainly stimulate our researchers and graduates to engage with new challenges in data, AI, networked and cloud computing. I'm really looking forward to welcoming Dstl to the neighbourhood!" 





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