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Secure and Resilient Systems

Secure and Resilient Systems

We help to create dependable and secure modern information systems, networks and infrastructures.

Security in computing

The group is recognised internationally for its research contributions to creating modern information systems, networks and infrastructures that are dependable and secure. The group extensively collaborates with psychologists, engineers, mathematicians, industry partners, standardisation bodies, and users of systems. The group also now leads novel work on evidence-based methods in Cyber Security research.


NU became a NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research in 2012 and has maintained this status throughout REF2021 period. The centre provides a strong interdisciplinary research environment for the group, including researchers in engineering, business, medical and social sciences and law. The group publishes routinely in the main venues for Cyber Security and Resilience, including ACM CCS, IEEE TDSC, and USENIX Security, and has achieved a number of important funding successes. The group also has been awarded two ERC grants, dealing with the important challenges of online voting without central authorities and security assurance of evolving network topologies.