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Advanced Model-Based Engineering and Reasoning (AMBER)

We build abstract models of computing systems to help us design better systems.

Building better systems

Modern computing systems are mobile, networked, and concurrent. This makes their development risky and complex - particularly when we trust these systems with our money, resources, businesses or lives.

By building abstract models of computing systems, we can design better systems. Models allow us to thoroughly test designs and explore alternatives.

Our aims

Our work aims to help contain risk. We equip engineers with methods and tools to explore, verify and refine the properties of such complex systems.

We do this through models with well-founded semantics. This model-based engineering can permit detection of optimal and defective designs long before the (sometimes expensive) commitment to implementations on real hardware.

Our current focus is on applying model-based methods to develop and manage several of the most demanding types of computing system. These include:

  • systems rich in concurrency
  • systems that combine computing (cyber), physical and human elements
  • biological systems
  • 'systems of systems', composed of independent, autonomous systems