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Research Areas

We're driving research advancements across a diverse range of research areas.

Research in the School of Computing

Our research cuts across many different research areas and is led by our:

  • academic groups
  • research centres and institutes
  • academic and research staff

Together, we've made a big impact on academic research and the computing industry.

Explore our research

In each research area, you'll find details about our:

  • research
  • research projects
  • staff working in that area

Fundamentals of Modelling and Verification Research

We're advancing research in modelling and verification, focussing on complex system behaviour.

Model-based Engineering Research

Our research in model-based engineering is helping engineers refine systems through rigorous modelling.

Program Analysis Research

Our program analysis research focuses on verifying concurrent programs through various methods.

Quantum Computing Research

We're addressing industry challenges with our research in quantum computing.