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Fathir Fajar Sidiq

Fathir Fajar Sidiq

Developing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Framework: Promoting Sago for Local Food Security in West Papua, Indonesia

Email: f.f.sidiq2@newcastle.ac.uk

Supervisors: Prof Lynn J. Frewer, Dr. David Coles, Dr. Carmen Hubbard and Dr. Beth Clark

Project Overview

This study proposes a novel framework on how Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) strategy contributes to promoting Sago (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) as one of the underutilized Indigenous food resources in achieving local food security in West Papua, Indonesia. This framework will be applied in the initial phase to make this research more procedurally responsible, and at the same time entails that research processes reflect a continuous commitment to be anticipatory, reflective, inclusive, deliberative, and responsive (Owen et al., 2013). RRI has already made considerable progress in better aligning research and innovation with European societies (Mejlgaard et al., 2018) and is increasingly becoming a vital factor in addressing global challenges and achieving sustainable development goals (Silva et al., 2019). Hence, this study will give not only a new perspective on the implementation of the RRI framework outside of European societies but will also provide an important step to answer the global challenges of agricultural sustainability.


The research seeks answers to the following questions:

(1)  What are the roles of key stakeholders in engaging and promoting food security in West Papua?

(2)  Why is sago important for the people of West Papua, with a focus on the consideration of socio-cultural factors?

(3)  Why are the people of West Papua reluctant to consume sago?

(4)  What are the challenges and obstacles faced by the people of West Papua to consume sago?

(5)  How can sago promote innovation, while at the same time empowering communities regarding economic added value?

(6)     What are the recommendations for the government concerning sago policy in West Papua?