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Data for Manufacturing Research

Transforming manufacturing through data.

Artificial intelligence for image analysis

Project Partner: Tharsus — a world-leading robotics and automation company that builds custom robots for high profile customers, such as Waitrose

The robots made by Tharsus are all manufactured at the company’s factory in Cramlington, near Newcastle. This project focuses on the use of artificial intelligence based techniques for image analysis within Tharsus’ manufacturing line to improve the fabrication of their robots.

We're exploring the the development of deep learning algorithms to detect, locate, and track both people and objects as they move in a manufacturing environment. We're doing this in a real time and robust manner that can outperform and replace a traditional sensor based approach.

The research on data for manufacturing projects will also bring additional insights into the way that people are moving in a space and how they interact with the environment.

Artificial intelligence for image analysis

Manufacture of specialised capacitor devices for zero carbon aircraft

Project Partner: GKN Aerospace Ltd — a world-leading aerospace technology company

GKN Aerospace is one of the world’s largest first tier suppliers to the global aviation industry, employing approximately 17,000 people in more than 62 facilities across 3 continents, and with over 100 years of aerospace experience. They have a strong focus on hydrogen powered zero carbon aircraft.

Our collaborative research on data for manufacturing projects focusses on the manufacture of specialised capacitor devices. They are key to reducing weight in future zero carbon aircraft. Traditionally, capacitors are tested after manufacture and are then either passed or rejected for use.

In this project, advanced image analysis will be used for in-situ defect identification so that repairs can be made in real-time during manufacture and thus increase yield of fully functioning products.

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