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About Energy Research at Newcastle University

Our vision and mission

At the Centre for Energy Research, our vision is to unify efforts and raise ambitions towards a new way of thinking about energy systems.

Our mission is to contribute to the delivery of clean and affordable energy – the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7.

A new way of thinking

By bringing together a wealth of expertise across disciplines, at the Centre for Energy Research, we aim to unify efforts towards a new way of thinking about energy systems:

  • Across scales – from individual electrons to global trading systems
  • Across geographies – from the individual home and household, to communities of villages and towns, to mega cities and nations
  • Across disciplines – from materials science, the engineering of systems, social sciences, the law of energy policy and regulation, public health, and AI. A multitude of disciplines are needed to address this complex problem
  • Across applications — such as domestic, industry, transport, and services

We aim to deliver advances in:

  • technology and engineering
  • materials science
  • economics and policy studies
  • cyber security
  • lifecycle analysis
  • ethics and justice
  • business models
  • behaviour
  • design and infrastructure

This will help the Centre for Energy Research to progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.