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Systems Infrastructure

The paradigm of energy systems is shifting.

Most of the existing energy systems infrastructure was built to meet the needs of the 20th century. It features large centralised power stations, electrical networks designed to meet an evening peak, and gas networks with enough built-in storage for a few days.

Energy systems no longer conform to this paradigm. Energy systems of the future will only move further from these original designs.

  • many loads which were previously met by gas or liquid fuels will move to the electrical system
  • many energy sources will no longer be centralised, or predictable
  • active control of demand and networks will be routine

These changes bring new considerations and effects to consider:

  • the system’s ability to meet demand
  • its resilience to external and internal threats, including climate change and cyber attacks
  • an ability to understand, quantify, and improve security of supply in these systems
Systems Infrastructure