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Developing new energy technologies for a more sustainable future.

Technology plays a key part in our vision to develop cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. At the Centre for Energy, we’re exploring a range of new energy technologies with the potential to drive real change in the future.

The importance of technology

Technology has an impact on every aspect of energy generation, from extraction at source to conversion and use. Developing the right technology can therefore have a big impact on ensuring that energy is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

In the future, it’s vital that we rely far less on fossil fuels. Instead, we need to focus on developing alternatives, including:

  • capturing carbon dioxide emissions from other sectors such as aviation and converting them into cleaner fuels such as hydrogen
  • moving away from fossil-derived energy and relying more on renewable energy technologies, e.g. charging battery-powered vehicles with electricity from wind turbines

To successfully make this transition away from fossil fuels, we need to develop sustainable energy technology that can reliably provide for the needs of society going forward.

Our research

When developing new energy technologies, our core focus is on creating solutions that will truly make a difference in the real world.

To achieve this, our research covers a diverse array of scientific and engineering areas, as well as touching on policy, social science, and economics, to ensure that the solutions produced are robust, viable, and ready to implement. This approach is crucial with regards to taking swift action on the challenges of climate change.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our work on new energy technologies, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss this further.