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INSIGHTS Virtual Lectures: ‘Now we have your attention’: pandemics, protest, and politics from below by Jack Shenker

Jack Shenker, Journalist and Author

Date/Time: Thursday 19 November 2020, 17:30 - 18:15

Hosted by Professor Sally Shortall, with introduction from Dr Martin Farr

Coronavirus has forced many ongoing social crises into the light, while simultaneously expanding the horizons of political possibility. But who are the communities that are fighting for a different kind of Britain, and how will new forms of grassroots organising transform the country’s already fractious political landscape? Award-winning journalist and author Jack Shenker – who writes about how power functions and how it is contested – explores the struggles playing out far beyond Westminster.

Jack Shenker's book, Now We Have Your Attention: The New Politics of the People, is available to buy now from our university bookseller Blackwell's.


Jack Shenker is a journalist and author based in London and Cairo. His stories have won several international awards, and been translated into many languages. Formerly Egypt correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, his work has also covered Gaza, Africa, Central Asia, the US and the UK, and been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines around the world including Granta, the London Review of Books and the New York Times, as well as being adapted into films by the BBC. In 2016 his first book, ‘The Egyptians: A Radical Story’, was published by Allen Lane and Penguin to critical acclaim. In 2018, Jack was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for political journalism. His new book - 'Now We Have Your Attention' - a journey into Britain's ongoing political chaos from below - was published by The Bodley Head and Vintage Books in late 2019.

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