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Cosmic Dramas: interrelationship of technological ikons with female mythology

Liliane Lijn, artist

Date/Time: 6th December 2012

This talk focused on the ideas that generated Liliane Lijn's three significant installations of the 1980s. These works, Cosmic Dramas, conceived after the completion and publication of her epic poem Crossing Map, published by Thames & Hudson, are imbued with a new spectacular feminism, bridging art and drama, underpinned by a profoundly dark philosophical premise connecting the repressed female archetype to the industrial military complex. Liliane explored the connections between Cosmic Dramas and her early works with light and text, her recent works both as resident artist at Culture Lab at the Newcastle University and at NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratories, and works with Aerogel in dialogue with scientists from the Stardust Project.

For more details about Liliane Lijn’s work, please see: