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The future of learning

Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology, Newcastle University

Date/Time: 15th November 2012

In this talk, Sugata Mitra considered the origins of schooling as we know it, to the dematerialisation of institutions as we know them. Thirteen years of experiments in children's education show us a series of startling results – children can self-organise their own learning, achieve educational objectives on their own, and can read by themselves. Finally, and most startling of all, groups of children with access to the Internet can learn anything by themselves. From the slums of India and villages of Cambodia, to poor schools in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, the USA and Italy, to the schools of Gateshead, and the rich international schools of Washington and Hong Kong, Professor Mitra's experimental results offer a strange new future for learning: a future in which 'knowing' may be obsolete.