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Eliminating war in the twenty-first century (Tyneside Geographical Lecture)

Bruce Kent, Vice-President of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Co-founder of the Movement for the Abolition of War and Vice-President of Pax Christi

Date/Time: 28th February 2013

In this lecture, Bruce Kent examined the pressures, cultural, social, educational, economic and historical, which so often collectively make war seem to be a sensible option. He suggested that the task ahead is to move from a culture of war to one of peace. This is not as radical a step as it may appear. Most of us live our lives, at local level, in such a culture. Few of us personally would dream of solving problems with our neighbours by assaulting them. How to move towards a belief in the non-violent settlement of conflict at an international level is the challenge for this century, but the destructive power of modern weapons, and their vast cost, makes such a move essential.