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Three tales from the biomedical frontier

PhD Talks sponsored by the Faculty of Medical Sciences

Date/Time: 14th May 2013

Three young researchers – winners of the Faculty of Medical Sciences’ postgraduate public speaking prize described their quests at the cutting-edge of science and how their findings may underpin the medical treatments of tomorrow.

Alison Bray: The PeePod - a low-cost portable flowmeter for men with urinary symptoms

One in three men suffer from unpleasant urinary symptoms later in life. We attempt to measure their symptoms by asking them to attend hospital to pass urine into a flowmeter. Owing to closely scheduled appointments and the requirement to arrive with a full bladder, missed measurements - and missed toilets - are not uncommon. Is there a better way?

Oliver Baylis: New Sight for Sore Eyes

Adult stem cells in the cornea are essential for its health. If they become damaged, the eye becomes painful and blind. Ground-breaking research based on new and established technologies is helping to bring closer a cure for long-suffering patients.

David Houghton:  Can seaweed reduce obesity?

Obesity is one of the largest causes of disease and premature death in the UK. We have shown that seaweed extracts added to bread that has been produced by Greggs can reduce fat digestion and has the potential to treat obesity.

Please note only 2 of the 3 talks are available to listen again.