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Cholesterol, statins and heart attack risks (Albert Latner Memorial Lecture)

Naveed Sattar, Professor of Metabolic Medicine, Glasgow University

Date/Time: 1st December 2015

This talk summarises all we know about cholesterol and its links to heart attacks and strokes as well discuss all the evidence for the use of statins (drugs which lower cholesterol) in preventing disease.

The talk will also discuss which side effects of statins are real and what we can do about them as well as show how best to determine which individuals may benefit most from statins. Finally, some thorny issues about whether we should continue statins into very old age will also be discussed.

Speaker biography

Professor Sattar graduated in medicine in 1990 from the University of Glasgow and became Professor of Metabolic Medicine in 2005. He has published extensively in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity as well as leading and contributing to multiple clinical trials, biomarker and mechanistic studies and several national and international guidelines in these areas.

Professor Sattar has been awarded national and international prizes including the prestigious Minkoswki prize from EASD for his research, has published over 500 papers, and is on the International advisory boards for Lancet, Diabetes and Endocrinology and UK biobank. He has spoken at numerous national and international meetings and is amongst most highly cited clinical researchers in the world according to recent Thomson Reuters report.