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Do you know what you are eating? Science identifying food fraud

Paul Brereton, Head of Agri-food Research, Fera Science Ltd

Date/Time: 9th February 2016

While consumers today are more aware of food fraud through the media, including the recent horsemeat scandal, food fraud is not a new phenomenon. Throughout the ages counterfeiters have exploited our lack of knowledge of the food we eat for their own gain.

This lecture will consider the ‘arms race’ that has always taken place between the fraudsters and scientists challenged with exposing them. A live demonstration will examine how well we can detect food fraud.

Speaker biography

An analytical chemist working at the science policy interface, Paul Brereton has over 70 publications in the area of food safety and quality. He has extensive transnational collaborations and currently leads international research projects/programmes worth over £9M.

Paul’s research interests are focused on developing methods and systems for assuring the integrity of the food supply. He has extensive links with industry, academia, government, the European Commission and the World Bank.