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Tales from the biomedical frontier

Date/Time: Thursday 25 March 2021, 5.30pm

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On Thursday 25 March, three Postgraduate students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University will be have the opportunity to deliver a Public Lecture, describing their cutting-edge research and how their findings may underpin the medical treatments of tomorrow.

Stuart Maitland and Bethany Gollan were selected by a judging panel and Nehal Hassan is the winner of the public vote. Congratulations to runners-up Hanna SalmonowiczJames FaradayCameron Kirk and Anna Robinson.

The winning talks are:

AI for sepsis; predictions saving lives by Nehal Hassan

Sepsis (blood poisoning) is a life-threatening condition, caused by bugs that can be resistant to antibiotics. Sepsis requires early detection and prompt treatment. One-hour delay in antibiotic administration increases the risk of death by 8%. This talk describes a novel approach through artificial intelligence that predicts sepsis before its occurrence, which could be a smart solution to prevent sepsis, save lives and resources.‌

Listen to Nehal talk about her research >>

Is muscle weakness getting on your nerves? by Stuart Maitland

Traditionally, we’ve always considered muscles to be the most important factor for strength, but is there another culprit in the nerves that control them? In this talk, Dr Stuart Maitland will talk about how we lose strength as we grow older, what we can do to combat it, and how the nerve reigns supreme over everything we do.

Listen to Stuart talk about his research >>

Turning the tides: Using bacteria to vaccinate against disease by Bethany Gollan

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear just how important vaccines are in our fight against disease. By adding to the DNA of harmless bacteria, we can compel them to produce important elements of the disease we wish to target. Using these modified bacteria as microscopic vaccine factories, we can protect from viruses, bacteria or parasites!

Listen to Bethany talk about her research >>

Live Q&A:

The lecture will be followed by a live Q&A with the speakers. You can submit a question in advance by sending an email to or during the event using YouTube Live Chat or via Twitter @InsightsNCL.

This event will be hosted on YouTube, registration is not required.