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INSIGHTS Public Lecture: The state of our Universe by Professor Edmund Copeland

Professor Edmund Copeland, University of Nottingham

Date/Time: Tuesday 26 April 2022, 5.30pm

Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

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Lecture to mark 150 years of Science, Agriculture and Engineering at Newcastle University

What does your observable universe look like? How large is it, how old, what does it contain, how is it evolving, and how significant are we in it? This lecture will try and answer some of these questions and in doing so the speaker will reflect on the impact the best city in the world has had on his life and career – from doing the Great North Run to meeting Stephen Hawking!


A theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and Professor of physics at the University of Nottingham, Ed Copeland won the 2013 Rayleigh Medal and Prize awarded by the Institute of Physics for his work on particle/string cosmology.  He obtained his PhD from Newcastle University in 1985 and is particularly interested in how the physics of the very Early and Late Universe could be tested by observations of both the largest scales and the smallest scales in the universe. He is passionate about Outreach and his videos for Sixty Symbols and Numberphile have been viewed over 20 million times.

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