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Complaints and Resolution Procedure

Complaints and Resolution Procedure

Making a Complaint

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to make a complaint about another student, please use the process set out in the Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

The University has a Student Complaints and Resolution Procedure [788KB] and Student Complaints and Resolution Policy [619 KB] to try and resolve complaints quickly and effectively.

The Procedure is split into three levels:

  • Level 1: You are first asked to raise your initial complaint directly with the school, service or area concerned. This is the informal level and seeks to provide you with an early resolution to your complaint.  
  • Level 2: If you are unhappy with the outcome of your Level 1 complaint, or you are unable to raise the issue locally, you can submit a Level 2 Complaints Form (PDF: 840 KB) with any supporting evidence to
  • Level 3: If you are unhappy with the Level 2 outcome you are able to request that the decision is reviewed under Level 3 of the Procedure, by submitting your request to the Academic Registrar. 

There is a Quick Guide (PDF: 437 KB) to the process which may help with your submission.

This procedure does not deal with complaints made against other students. If you want to complain about the behaviour of another student at the University you should email with a full explanation of the concern, and if possible, supply supporting evidence. The complaint will normally be investigated under the University's Student Discipline Procedure for Responder and you may be invited to attend a meeting as part of the investigation.

Information on Student Complaint Remedies & Redress (PDF: 561 KB)