School of Modern Languages

University Wide Language Programme

University Wide Language Programme

We offer free language classes to all Newcastle University students. Join us to learn Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Classes take place in the evening. Modules are worth 10 credits. You will receive two weekly contact hours. The modules will be recognised on your marks transcript as extra credit.

For more information about the University Wide Language Programme, please see the programme handbook below: 

University Language Programme Handbook 2017-18 (PDF: 944KB)

Join us to learn Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish.

How to enrol

Learning a new language can be great fun but also requires time, patience and lots of effort. Many students misjudge the amount of study time they'll need to dedicate to their language modules, and eventually decide to drop out. Unfortunately, places on the programme are wasted as a result. It's important that you consider whether you can afford the time and commitment.

If you would like to go ahead, you should first:

  • read the module handbook
  • check with your DPD and your School whether you are eligible to apply
  • check the above student handbook and list of modules offered
  • if you're not applying for a beginners' module, check your language level in French, German or Spanish

Allocation of places

There are a fixed number of places on each module. They will be allocated at our discretion, usually on a first come, first serve basis. If you secure a place, we’ll email you a confirmation before the start of each semester.

• Returning students in 2017/2018
   Application are open from May until 16th August (first come first served applies so options may be withdrawn the closer we get to the deadline).
• New students in 2017/2018
   Applications are open from 17th August until 29th September (first come first served applies so options may be withdrawn later in the month). 
• ALL students irrespective of stage
   Applications are open from 29th September until 16th October for any class that still has places.

Expand the UWLP Application Forms below to apply!

If you do not secure a place, you will be added to a waiting list. We will notify you if a place becomes available. If you have any queries, please contact us. We'll reply as soon as possible.

You may also find joining the Language Resources Centre and the uTalk app useful for polishing your language skills and knowledge.