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Production Studies International Conference

25th - 28th March 2024
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

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PSIC2024 is funded by the AHRC with a small registration fee to cover some unanticipated costs. The fee includes attendance at all events (except trips), all lunches and refreshments, a wine reception and book launch (Mon 25 March); opening of 'Building: An exhibition under construction' at the Farrell Centre (Tues 26 March); pizza evening (Weds 27 March) and brunch at the 'next steps' conversation (Thurs 28 March).

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Discounted (student/unwaged) £70
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How would knowledges & practices of architecture and design be transformed if labour, know-how and processes of building production were made central?

Keynote Speakers: Sérgio Ferro (France)  Usina CTAH (Brazil)  Christine Wall (UK)

Exhibition Opening: Building: An exhibition under construction @ The Farrell Centre

Production Studies [PS] is an emergent field advancing the critical understanding of relations between architectural design and the production and labour of building. It arises out of TF/TK—a four year research collaboration involving more than two dozen academics and practitioners from UK, Brazil, Ireland and the US—which draws on Sérgio Ferro’s central insight that architecture’s dismissal and neglect of building labour is no mere oversight but rather a structural necessity of capitalist development to maintain the profession’s capacity to act ‘on’ and ‘over’ the building site. 

Production Studies research is concerned with mainstream design-labour relations and its histories; with wider practices where design or intellectual labour is separated from production; and—recognising that in many parts of the world building takes place through self-organised processes—with other modes and possibilities of  building production.  Within TF/TK our research and practice is diverse—from technical aid in Brazil and in the UK, temple stone-carvers in India, rural migrant building workers in China, maker-spaces in London, unions in the US and in Germany, art fabricators, popular and traditional forms of building, land, building materials and techniques—to Production Studies theory and methods. Our researchers include scholars, practitioners and activists in fields such as architecture, history, politics, anthropology, art history, and social movements. 

We now invite researchers and practitioners to join us in exploring this new field.

  • What resistances, alliances and practices could we turn to as emancipatory alternatives to hegemonic production where building know-how and co-operation are valued and affirmed?

  • What can we learn from studies of mainstream building processes and design/site relations?

  • What historical and contemporary discourses, processes and techniques have been mobilised by architects and by industry to secure the disqualification and subordination of building workers?

  • How does Production Studies challenge architectural theory and its assumptions and silences?

  • What structural similarities and specific differences can critical discussion across different socio-spatial contexts and cultures of building reveal?   

  • How can Production Studies explore pressing concerns around climate change, extractivism, indigeneity, gender and sexuality, anti-racism and coloniality? 

  • What other theoretical framings, bodies of research and practices can inform or expand Production Studies? 


Convened Thematic Session Descriptions