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Design Competition NUAS x NAS

16 February 2023

Adam Schell, NUAS Academic Events Coordinator, has provided the below summary of an inspiring student-led initiative held on 3 February 2023.

The second annual NAS X NUAS Design Competition was a fantastic day of architecture and celebration! This year we were pleased to have Ollie Sturdy from MawsonKerr, Ollie Currie from 33A, Simon Baker from Group Ginger, and Andrew Thompson from FaulknerBrowns as our judges. We also had several representatives from the Northern Architectural Association involved and attend the event.

The brief this year centered around ideas of community and charity. Teams were asked to pick one of the following local charities to be the focus of their designs: Newcastle Carers, Angelou Center, Dwellbeing, and The New Bridge Project. Teams' final outputs were asked to show a strong understanding of their chosen charity's concepts, values, and work. Exhibition Park was the chosen site due to its popularity for many different activities and events, and teams were given a large area of the park to place their designs. Teams had the day to come up with a design proposal and put together an A1 presentation board to pin-up at Kings Hall on Newcastle University's campus for the judges to review.

The exhibition in the evening was a great event to celebrate all the work completed in the day and announce who the judges had picked as the winners! The judges made clear that none of the decisions were easy given the quality of work put forth by all of the teams, but in the end the winners were as follows:

Best model went to Katheryn Taylor, Lauren Deck and Laura Cartledge (Stage 3, Northumbria).

Best collage went to Euan Ellis, Laura Sinclair-Banks and Campbell Carmichael (Stage 3, Newcastle).

The society winner, picked by Adam Schell and Louis Gardener, went to Finn Carroll, Eka Bhatt and Chloe Bridger (Stage 2, Newcastle).

Third place went to Andrew Watson, Ellie Delaney and Ollie Walsh (Stage 3, Newcastle).

Second place went to Raazin Anwar Hussain, Oliver Higgins and Gaurav Dhoot (Stage 2, Newcastle).

And first place went to Timea Lewkot and Martyna Puchlowska (Stage 2, Northumbria)!

Thank you to all who participated and for making the second annual NAS X NUAS Design Competition such a big success!